Our Lesson Ponies and Horses 


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Our Ponies


American Shetland Pony

10 years


American Miniature Horse 


6 years


Welsh - Shetland Pony - X 


14 years



German Sport horse - Welsh Pony - X 


7 years


German Sport horse - Dartmoor-X 


7 years


American Shetland Pony  

7 years 


Dartmoor Pony 


13 years


German Sporthorse - Shetland Pony - X 


7 years 


Welsh Pony 


15 years




9 years

Our Horses


Appaloosa - Draft - X 


18 years


American Quarter Horse 


17 years


Quarter Horse - Arabian - X 


9 years



American Paint Horse 


7 years


Paint Horse  


11 years


Quarter Horse - Arabian - X


13 years

Winnie Pooh



15 years


American Paint Horse  


17 years


Paint Horse  


7 years


Hanoverian - Mare    

18 years


A rescue mare that found her forever home here at the Farm. 

She has long term ulcers and a heart murmur. Because of this health issues it is really hard for her to gain and keep weight. But as long as she is happy we will let her run with the horses in our pasture she loves so much,.  So when you see her, note that she is in Vet care and gets everything she needs.



7 years

Came to us from another place, where the Owner couldn't take care of him anymore and couldn't give him the Vet care he needed. Due to this lack of correct feeding over a longer time he suffered from a severe ulcers attack. Had on top of this several hoof abscesses on 3 of his hoofs. Being already underweight when he came to us, he lost more weight due to the pain. 

After now 9 month his ulcers are under control and his hoofs are starting to heel. He starts nicely to put weight one. 2 more month and he will be back to the beautiful TB that left the Race track a couple of years back.

He found his forever home here at the Farm and  will be retrained as a Hunter mount. 


Bring it on (Bree) R.I.P

12 years - Mare - APHA

We found her at horse trader together with Cacky. The former owner left both for 2 years in the pasture, after his grand kids lost interest in horses.

It has taking us a while to get her to trust us, but the moment we had this trust, she was an in your pocket kind off horse. 

Still needed some more riding, because she was really skittish when it came to reins and legs. But she was coming along and was to go her first Show in 2015. 

In September 2014 we lost her to a Gas colic. 

With her we lost a wonderful horse, but we are so glad that we been able to show her that humans can be trusted and are able to give love. 


Lea (Oma) R.I.P.

21 years - Mare - Shetland pony

She also was one off our rescues in Germany. She was dropped of by her former owners at the meat horse trader, because she was diagnosed with C.O.P. and owners didn't wanted to take on this responsibility.


We been able to give her with the correct feeding, keeping and medical support 5 wonderful years.


When unplanned in foal with Mr. Nougat she foundered real bad and we almost had to put her down. But Lea always was a fighter and so she fighted for her life and the life off her unborn foal and made it through. 


She was a great teacher for so many little children. She always loved the attention she received from them. 


In October 2012, a month before our move to Camden SC, out off blue she foundered again and this time we have not been able to safe her, even when she tried so hard to fight. Sadly we had to put her down. 


She will be always missed, but with Mr. Nougat we always have a reminder of this wonderful little pony, because she passed on her great character to him.