Pony Gang Summer Camp Store



Here you can find our Summer Camp 2021 collection. 


For the 2021 Summer Camp, we only require each Camper to purchase the following items: 


- 1 white Logo T-shirt for our Tie-Dye day (This shirt will be worn on Show day) 

- 1 Camp design T-shirt of you own choice (This shirt will be worn on Photo day on Friday) 


(2-week campers should buy two of each, so they have one for each week!)


Campers will receive their ordered items during check in. 


Have fun browsing through our store! 



Pony Gang Team 



If you view this store on your mobile device, you can use the links below to easier view our different store pages: 

2021 T-Tops 

2021 T-Shirt 

2021 Longsleeve 

2021 Sweatshirts and Hoodies

2021 Leggings & Pants

2021 Other Camp items