Children learning how to ride a horse - well-founded riding education for children Part 1



"Mom, I would love so much to learn how to ride a horse …"


Who does not know the longing for horseback riding lessons? At least the people that will picks up this article, have probably heard this before. But even if, as a parent, you would like to fullfill your child's desire for a sport like horseback riding - especially if you are also passionate about horses - you naturally have your doubts and worries.


Where can you as a parent know that your child will be in good hands during the riding lesson - or in the stable/barn at all?


How do you find the best riding school for your child?


And what is the real necessity for a good children's horseback riding education ?


We will deliver you well-founded answers in this series of articles over the next couple of day's…



Your search for the right horseback riding school.


Of course it is easier if, as a parent, you know the riding schools in your area yourself. But you should also ask yourself from the start, whether it really makes sense, if your daughter or son take their first lessons at the same barn or stable in which the parents are also around on horseback. All too soon, as a horseback riding parent, you are about to observe the child and give well-intentioned tips from the outside of the rail.


But especially this well meant tips can slow down the progress of your child's horseback riding lessons extremely. Also, riding instructors feel easily stepped on their toes from outside coaching parents. In the end the self-confidence of the children is not promoted under the watchful eyes of the parents.


And often you only "annoy" …


It is far better to place the child in a good lessons program, to drive them there and pick them back up if necessary, but not to interfere further in the lesson. Both riding and non-riding - and therefore anxious - parents will find this difficult, but it is still the best solution. All the more you can be happy, if the child invites itself for you to stay for a lesson or join for a Horse Show.


But where the parents are in demand is the search for a good lessons barn.


…. to be continued