Find out what you need to know by reading the answers to these frequently ask questions (FAQ)...


General Information:

Do I have to make reservations?  Yes, all our activities  require reservations

Do you charge the credit card I used to make a reservations for lessons or parties? No, not unless you don"t show and don't cancel in advance due to our cancellation schedule.  

- Lessons  - 24 hours

- Pony Parties  - can only be rescheduled!


Why do you take a credit Card number? To ensure that you will cancel if you are unable to make it.

How do I get there?

When are you open?  We are open Monday - Friday's  9:00 am - 7:00 pm  - Saturday's and and Sunday"s 10:00 am -6:00 pm. However hours vary by reservations and weather.

Can we tip our guides or pony leaders?  It's not required....but it is appreciated!

Can you bring your ponies and horses to us? Yes, we offer pony parties and pony rides on the road. 

Can I bring my own horse for lessons?  Yes, but not studs are allowed on our Farm

Are there restrooms? We have a indoor restroom.

Do you sell food/beverages? We only offer food/beverages when we have an Event here on the Farm

Can I bring my do? No dogs are allowed to be brought to the stable premises

Do you offer gift certificates? Yes, in any amount and for any activity 

What payment forms do you accept? All major credit cards, checks or cash



For what ages and what types of lessons do you have?  General lessons for five years and up. Pee Wee lessons for three and four years.

Are they year around?  Yes, our lessons program runs year around. We also use rainy days for theory lessons that are very important too. 

Do parents need to accompany children? No, not unless you would like too. We do always have a lesson helper at the Farm to assist tacking, but younger students may need a little added help from the parents. 

Are helmets required? Yes, helmets are always required when mounted on a horse. 

What will my child or I learn?  Safety around the horse, grooming, saddling, riding, communicating with a horse, proper position, rhythm skills, steering, control and much more.

Is it English or Western? We start all students bare back with a vaulting girth, to learn how to balance, proper position and rhythm.  Later you or your child can decide to go English or Western. We offer both at the Farm.

How do I get into the Program?  Call 803-374 2155 during weekday business hours. It is ongoing program, so we do not have a set start or finish to the classes. We will hold your spot and write you down for the next week. If you "no show, no call", you run the risk of losing your spot and/or being charged for that lesson. The expectation is that you attend your lesson weekly.

Do you teach special needs rider? Yes, we start with private lesson to give undivided individual attention and we also offer limited group lessons. We have staff that is right now getting her PATH instructor certification.  As well as experience in teaching special needs students. We try to accommodate and challenge special need riders, however, our first concern is always safety. Our instructors reserve the right to modify or discontinue if they deem it unsafe. 


Parties at the Farm:

Is there an indoor room? No, we do not have an Indoor room, we have a a small  covered outdoor party area and for larger groups we have a larger area. 

Can we decorate? Yes, but set up and take-down are included in your reserved time.

Can we have it catered? Yes, but they must set-up/clean-up in your reserved time 

Can you handle large groups? Yes, we can handle large groups, it just involves some special planing from us. 

Can we bring alcoholic beverages?  You may have them in the Party area, but not near or around the ponies and horses. 


Our Team

We are experienced, credential, common-sense individuals with a passion for what we do. We love our horses and, more importantly, we love to share them with you!