Example Camp DaY

Due to our small enrollment size, the camp revolves around every camper's behavior. We change our schedules regularly to adjust to every camper's needs.


08:00 am - 08:10 am   Arrival at Camp 

08:10 am - 10:00 am   Feeding and cleaning our animals in groups incl. collecting eggs.

10:00 am - 12:00 am   Working in our little Garden and learning how make butter, bread and more


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm   Lunch time and free time (Staff will still have children under supervision)

01:00 pm - 01:30 pm   Educational - learning all you need to know about animals and farming

01:30 pm - 03:50 pm   Afternoon activities - Swimming pool; playing Games; Art's and Craft's,                                         fishing and much  more; 

03:50 pm - 04:00 pm  Cleaning Campers area up 

04:10 pm - 04:55 pm   Feeding animals 

04:55 pm - 05:00 pm  Pick up 


We experienced that some children do not enjoy a less rigid, camp experience, and prefer something less regimented. Pony Gang Equestrian Camp is similar to that of a girl scout camp. We are rustic, relaxed, and have  incorporated structured and unstructured time into our program.



Please speak with your child in choosing your next camp experience to ensure that the child will be pro-active at camp, and be willing to participate in all aspects of the activities our camp has to offer.