The Value of Farm Camp

Pony Gang Camp offers a traditional summer camp experience on a real farm. We work to create a fun and safe environment that encourages independence while nurturing lasting friendships. At a time where children are increasingly surrounded by smart phones, computers, television, our goal is to get campers outside, actively creating, playing and learning. Your child will be a hands-on, active participant in our farm community. Campers play an integral role in caring for the animals 

and garden,

We will be teaching respect for and love of nature. Our farm camp program focuses on promoting a positive self-image, encouraging friendships and community, and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, our goal is to have these experiences, friendships and laughter stay with campers the rest of their lives.


Pony Gang is outstanding at teaching the values of self-reliance and resourcefulness, it facilitates relationships with a focus on collaboration and communication, it is full of opportunities for creativity as well as problem-solving and critical thinking, and it invites exploration, play and adventure. 


Our counselors and leadership staff foster camper engagement, a sense of well-being, and social and emotional skill development. 


The experience at Farm Camp is enhanced by a strong climate of care, a structure and schedule that supports camper’s physical and emotional needs, and activities and experiences that are purposefully designed to provide campers with opportunities to practice these skills.

Curiosity, enthusiasm, self-control, gratitude, perseverance, optimism and social intelligence are just some of the important character traits we help develop in our campers.