Why is Horseback riding a great alternative to other sports?



Horseback riding offers your Homeschool child(ren) a lot of benefits, just to name a few

  • Physical education
  • Therapy for children with emotional, and learning challenges
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Builds confidence
  • Creates a sense of freedom
  • Social interaction with other riders



 Physical Education  

Horseback riding provides your child with physical education hours you can log as part of the students coursework. Horseback riding........


  • ...improves balance
  • ...strengthens many muscle groups
  • ....provides a slight aerobic workout for the rider
  • ....improves flexibility and posture



Therapeutic Benefits

Parents often  choose to Homeschool because they have a child with a physical or learning challenge. The American Equestrian Alliance states that horseback riding can be helpful for children dealing with physical challenges and can help improve balance, muscle strength, and flexibility.


Social Aspects

One of the main daily concerns Homeschoolers are facing  is the question of proper socialization. Horseback riding provides them with the opportunity to interact with other Homeschoolers or Non-Homeschoolers. Horseback riding can also help a Homeschooler to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility through learning horse care and upkeep, while enjoying the sense of freedom riding a horse will bring.