Frequently asked Questions

Why do I need to commit to a full season?

Learning to ride a horse well takes years. Let us compare it to ballet or dance or even gymnastics. No one expects to be a great dancer or gymnast in 1 year of lesson, or after a week or a month of lesson. Good and safe horseback riding takes month and years to accomplish. 


Our experience over the years has been that students taking 1 riding lesson a week, generally take approximately 2 years to develop enough competence that they can safely do all the basics of horse care (catch, lead, tie, groom, tack up and untack) and riding on their own in a walk, trot and started to canter. But this is not set in stone because each rider will progress on their own rate, some faster some slower. The more a rider rides the better their riding gets. 


So, we need you to commit to the full season, so that we are able to give your child/children a good foundation as a rider, because it takes time to learn how to lead safely, groom and tack up a horse correctly and most importantly get the needed body and muscle memory activated to sit in a balanced seat on horseback, use the weight, leg, body and hand aids correctly to move a horse. And learn to sit a trot correctly and how to post a trot. 


Is it easy to learn how to ride?

While sitting on a horse may appear easy, learning how to ride well is as difficult as any other sport. It is a very demanding sport and a rider needs to be committed to it.  But horseback riding can be a lot of fun even during learning it. May a rider be on the beginning not more as passenger, as more they are committed to learning as better they get as a rider. And once they have mastered the basic skills of horseback riding as more opportunities they will have here. 


Can I leave the program earlier or do I have to stay the full time I have signed up for? 

We accept early termination of the agreements for a small fee.

Termination of Season sign up - If you signed up, you have to at least stay in the program for 3 month. If you want to terminate the subscription after this there will be a) a $50 early termination fee and b)a recharge of the $20 discount you received per month on the subscription for signing up for the full season.   



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