Horsemanship Certification Lessons

Our Horsemanship Certification Classes are run as  2-Month-Courses and are designed to introduce home schooled students (ages 8 and up) to the wonderful world of horses. Each course is held for eight consecutive weeks, with one meeting a week. Each meeting will lasts for around  2.0 hours.


- 45 Minutes are a “classroom” lesson where students learning about horses and their care.
- 15 Minutes grooming and tacking up horse/pony.

- 45 Minutes (Group lesson) are dedicated to a structured riding lesson in one of our arenas (Beginners start with lunge line lessons)

- 15 Minutes after care from the horse/pony used for lesson.


Homework and quizzes are given to reinforce learning.


Because each course builds off the knowledge learned in earlier classes, students must take classes in order. (You cannot take 300 HHC-Course, unless you have completed the 100 and 200 HHC-Courses).


Each child will take a test on the end of each course and receive a Certificate from us. We also will provide you with a time log for each Course taken. 

$ 200.00

including 8 Meeting (4 meetings a month)


Each student has to purchase our Study Guide for $ 30 (One time purchase!)