Homeschool Lessons Package

* Our Homeschool runs throughout 36 weeks of a year. 

Each Block will run 2 month. Our monthly package price is based on 36 weeks divided by 9 month . So, even if there are 5 lessons days for your student in a month you will always pay the same monthly fee and this way you are able to plan your class cost right from the beginning.  

First Program Year

New student join program for full time to receive the basic knowledge of horses and learn the basics of horseback riding in a group lesson (min. 4 and max. 6 students a class). 

The program is split in 2 sections 


First Section "Introductory into Horses" 

Riders learn how important a balanced and independent seat is and how to ride a horse correctly through their seat and legs. Also they will learn how to handle a horse from the ground, groom and tack up correctly. 

2 students will share a horse in the beginning of the program and assist each other (this replaces our lunge line lesson beginner riders regular receive in our regular program).


Second Section "I'm getting ready" Homeschool Riders 

After the "Introductory into Horses" section of the program, riders will keep working on their balanced and independent seat and will move on to lunge line lessons for trotting. They will stay on the lunge line till they are able to ride a posting trot. Between we will work on free riding in a walk and how to steer the horse/pony through small obstacle courses by using the correct aids combination. 

During lunge line lesson 2 students still will share a horse. 


Each section has 1 lesson a week - 90 min (30 min. classroom / 60 min hands on horses) 



Monthly Subscription fee: $ 120 a month



Second and following Program year

Former students from the last year/years will join program for the full time again to receive the next level of education about horses and advance their horseback riding in a group lesson (min. 4 and max. 6 students a class). 


Depending on the riding level students will join one of the following Program sections. 


Homeschool "Building My Skills" Riders 

Riders keep on working on their balanced and independent seat in a walk and raising trot.

Riders will stay in this group till they are able to ride through small obstacle course and ride schooling figures by heart in a walk, rising and sitting trot. 


Homeschool "Perfecting my Skills" Riders 

Our "Perfecting my Skills" level lessons are the next step for our riders;

Riders enrolled in this group lesson learn to ride a variety of horses at the walk, trot and canter. They will learn their two-point position. Ride over poles and x-rails. 


Each section has 1 lesson a week - 90 min (30 min. classroom / 60 min hands on horses) 




Monthly Subscription fee: $ 140 a month



Homeschool "Academy Rider" 

This is and add on program for riders that want to have more than just 1 hand on horses lesson a week, to move faster forward in their riding levels and/or spend more time with horses. 

+ 1 extra lesson a week - 60 min hands on horses


Price: + $ 30 a week

- This is a 10 month subscription program with a monthly paid fee. Which will automatically end with the program end in May. 

- PGE will keep the right to cancel a lesson due to weather, horse sickness or other events that make it impossible to hold the class. 

- Cancellations by students have to be received within 24 hours prior the lesson to be subject for a makeup. 

- Canceled weekly lesson will be rescheduled as a makeup on another day of the week. Parents have to work with us on this part. Makeup lessons have to be scheduled within 4 weeks otherwise they will count as taken. 

- Scheduled make up lesson are no subject to another reschedule. 

- Our Fees are already very low, should you want to pay by lesson please note that lessons are charged then with $40 and you will not have guarantied spot in the group.

- We offer are no longer offer discounts!

Lessons Schedule 2020/2021

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