Winter Horseback riding Camp Columbia, South Carolina

What better way to end the year than on the back of a horse

Trail riding and Horseback riding is fun at Pony Gang Winter Camp in Columbia SC


After a wonderful and exciting first Winter Camp in December 2022 we will offer another camp this year too and hope for your daughter to join in into the Winter, Sun and Horse time here at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp



December 27, 2023 1:00 pm  - December 31, 2023 11:00 am 



Our Camp will inspire leadership, creativity, courage, and confidence! But most importantly be around horses


Camp is the perfect place for girls to build character and develop core values of self-discipline, and resiliency. 


We are so much more than just a camp!


Vaulting at Winter Horse Crazy Camp is fun

- Camper will ride one of our well-trained  horses during their lessons

- Camper will learn the basics of trick riding if it is her first camp with us and will advance her trick riding if she has been to one of our summer camps before

- Campers will learn the basics of equestrian vaulting if it is her first camp with us and will advance her equestrian vaulting if she has been to one of our summer camps before. 

- We believe being around horses is not a spectator sport - it is always learning by doing!

- Practice makes progress. 

- Campers will enjoy a variety of other activities on the ground and in the saddle, because we have some fun stuff planned for this camp

- Campers will have free time to enjoy life outside in the fresh air

- We will have a big bonfire on Friday night to end the camp and say our first goodbye to the old year. 

- Campers will have excellent meals, accommodations, and lots of FUN!


learn the basics of trick riding at Horsebackr riding camp in Columbia SC

Our trainers and team are professional horse people that are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the next generation of Equestrians. 


Our camp is suitable for beginners and experienced horse girls as well. 


BOOK NOW TO SECURE YOUR SPOT, because spaces are limited to 10 campers at our second WINTER HORSE CRAZY CAMP!!!

English riding at Horseback riding Pony Gang Camp in Columbia SC
Vaulting class is part of horseback riding camp in Columbia SC
Learning how to western ride thats what our Horseback riding camp is for

Daily Schedule

Please note! Our daily schedule is just an example. Not every day will go like this

08:00  Wake up time 

08:30  Breakfast

09:00  Feeding horses and barn chores

10:00  Riding Lessons (split in beginner and advanced riders)  

11:00  Trick Riding Lesson 1

12:00  Vaulting Lesson 1

01:00  Lunch 

01:30  free time 

02:15  Trick riding lesson 2

03:00  Vaulting lesson 2

03:45  Arts and Crafts 

04:30  Feeding horses and closing down barn 

05:30  Cabin clean up 

06:00  Supper**

06:30  free time**

07:15  Evening program**

08:30  Cabin and Shower time 

10:00  Light out    

Vaulting on the wooden horse during the Winter Camp in Columbia SC
Trick Riding at Horseback Riding Camp in Columbia SC
Western Riding is one option at our Horseback riding camp in  Columbia SC

Highlights for this Camp

  • Ride under the Stars (Moonshine ride in our arena is only for our Overnight Campers)
  • Trail Ride
  • Games on Horseback 
  • Bonefire with Barbecue 
  • and so much more is planned
Moonshine Horseback riding at Pony Gang Columbia SC
Bornfire at Winter Horseback riding camp in Columbia SC
Tick riding at Winter Horseback riding Camp at Pony Gang Columbia SC

*As long as you see the camp on our registration site there are still spots open. If you want to register more than one daughter please give us a call and we can let you know if enough spots are still available.