Horse Crazy Camp

Trick Pony Training at Pony Gang Camp in Camden SC

Day Camp : Boy's and Girl's ages 7-16

Overnight Camp:  Only Girl's ages 7-16


Is your child CRAZY about horses? Perfect! Pony Gang has specially-designed this camp with you child in mind. So, come and join ALL of the activities we will offer with horses during this Camp.  Campers will spend approximately 4.5 -5 hours out of a camp day working with horses/ponies. 


Not enough horse time yet? No!

Don't worry, there are more horses activities. Campers will divide their time between the activities below and a daily Horsemanship lesson, where we will teach as much as we can about horses and have as much hands on activities as possible! 


Come and learn with us and have a the summer of a life time ! 


Each Camper will receive a special designed Camp shirt for our Big Show on Friday's! Also a Pony Gang Notebook which they can fill with a review of their days in Camp, addresses and contact information from new friends or anything else they want to remember from this amazing camp experience. 


Lunch will be provided for Day Campers plus Snacks during the Day. Overnight Campers will receive 3 meals a day plus Snacks. 


All levels of riders are welcome! No horse experience is needed to participate in this camp.


This camp is geared towards those wanting to try many different activities with horses! If you are looking for a more specific focused camp check out our Horse Day Camp or our Girls Overnight Horse Camp.

Benefit for children to participate in this specific Camp !

Social Benefits 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

Physical Education

- Balance 

- Motor coordination 

- Muscle development

- Flexibility

- Posture 

- Hand-eye Coordination

- Core strength

- Body awareness

Other Benefits 

- Accountability 

- Compassion 

- Sportsmanship

- Dependability

- Bravery 

- Selflessness 

- Camaraderie

- and much more.... 

What horse activities will this special Camp include?

Jumping lessons during Camp at Pony Gang Equestrian Services

Regular Horseback Riding


All our campers will receive each day one regular Horseback riding lesson. Campers can pick between Western, English and Hunter/Jumper riding. 

All riding lessons will be offered as a 45 minute group lesson. Beginner riders will assist each other and share a horse. Riders that are able to ride in a balanced seat and know how to w/t or w/t/c will receive their own horse and ride free in our arena.

Trick riding lesson during Summer Camp at Pony Gang Farm in Camden South Carolina

Rodeo & Circus Trick Riding 


In this part of our Camp each camper will take part in our Trick riding lessons on horseback of 1 horse.  Each day Campers will learn something new and exiting. 

The group lesson will be split in two parts Rodeo Trick riding 45 Minutes in the morning and Circus Trick riding 45 Minutes in the afternoon. 



Learn about Roman Riding during our Summer Camp in Camden South Carolina

Roman Riding 


Roman riding is a part of Trick riding, just that here you are using 2 horses for your performance instead of 1. 

It is fun and we will teach you how to do it safely and correctly. 

This will also be a group lessons and run around 45 Minutes a day. 



learn the basics of Equestrian Vaulting at Pony Gang Camp in Camden South Carolina

Equestrian Vaulting 


Here we offer each camper the unique opportunity to do gymnastics on horseback! Vaulting may help campers with their balance, flexibility, and confidence on a horse as they learn the specific moves (known a curs). Campers will perform what they learned in our Horse show on Friday's. 

This part will be offered in a 45 Minute Group lesson. 


cuddling time with our Trick pony during Summer Camp in Camden SC at Pony Gang Farm

Trick Horse Training  


Campers learn how to teach ponies and horses tricks like shaking the head, Yes and No, sneezing, smiling, and front feet on a pedestal. 

Campers will use one of our Camp horses/ponies for this training during the 45 Minute daily. 

What other Activities will this Camp include?

Summer Camp  Hobby horse classes  - Camden, SC - Pony Gang Equestrian Service

Hobby Horse at Pony Gang 

As every time during the past years of Pony Gang Camp we will this year again craft some Stick horses with the children. But unlike the years before, we will this year (NEW 2020) offer the children to learn more about the new sport Hobby Horse in the USA. We will show them how to do Dressage pattern with their stick horses, do some jumping courses and if the children are interested also go and do some Barrel and Pole pending time. 

Campers then can put a little dressage Quadrille together and perform this on our Horse Show Day. It is real fun to do! 

You would like to know more about it, check out Tryon, NC Showgrounds Information to Hobby Horse America right here or have a look at the video right here

Summer Camp Horse Show  Trick riding - Camden SC - Pony Gang Equestrian Services

End of the Week Horse Show  


On Friday children will put a Horse Show together in which they will perform and show what they have learned during the week under saddle, on horseback or on the ground. 



Vaulting Summer Camp - Camden, SC - Pony Gang Equestrian Services

Pictures from former Trick and Vaulting Camps.

hosted by the trainers that will accompany us here at Pony Gang for this awesome camp! 

What happens during a Camp Day?

Column 2
7:00 AM Wake Up Bell  
7:30 AM Breakfast   
8:00 AM

Arrival Day Camper

8:15 AM Horse Activity 1  
9:30 AM Horse Activity 2  
10:30 AM Horse Activity 3   
11:00 AM Horse Activity 4  
12:00 PM Horse Activity 5  
12:30 PM Lunch   
1:45 PM Horsemanship lesson   
2:30 PM Hobby horse activity   
3:30 PM

Horse Activities

4:30 PM

After care horses 

5:00 PM

Day Campers pick-up

Overnight Campers free time 

6:00 PM Dinner  

6:30 PM

Evening Activities  
8:00 PM  Showers & Dorm time    
9:00 PM Candle Pass
9:15 PM Lights out 

Camp Prices. Dates and Registration