Camp Map & Facility Information

Pony Gang Farm

Coming 2020 !  - Pony Gang Dining Hall & Tent

Till 2019 our Dinning area was integrated into our Overnight Dorm area, but with our Camp growing every year and because of us serving lunch to our Day Campers again in 2020, this is no longer practical.

We are right now in the process to remodel our old Tack room building and turning it into our new Dinning hall with a Dinning tent beside it for more space. The Dinning hall will also be used during the year as our Homeschool classroom.  The Building will be air conditioned. 


Pictures from the inside coming soon !!

Tack  Room

In September 2019 our new Tack Room building arrived. Which is giving us more room for the saddles of our 34 horses and all tack and grooming supply that goes with them. 


Horse Pastures

Our horses and ponies life in small herds together in pastures and have 24 hour access to hay.  They have run ins for shade in the summer and rain cover during the wet season.