Camp Program

Our Day Camps and Overnight Camps are a hit every year and fill up fast. 

Love Horseback riding Camp at Pony Gang Equestrian Services Camden SC

If your child is CRAZY about horses an ponies, than our Pony Gang Camp is perfect, because it is specially-designed with you child in mind. 


A regular Horse Summer Camp is not offering enough horse time? No!


Don't worry, there are more horse activities here at the most "Horse Craziest Camp" ever, than you see in any other Camp.  Girls will spend most of their day with horse related activities. For the afternoon we offer our campers great daily changing fun and team building activities. 


This will keep each day exciting and helps the girls to learn new skills. 

Activities offered

A typical day of our Horseback Riding camp could include a


- 30/45/60 Minute horseback riding : We will switch our activities here every day to make it exciting for the campers and get away a little from the regular lessons they may know from at home (Western or English Style depending on your campers perveances', Games on horseback, Bareback Riding and Trail Rides or other activities on Horses will be happening)

- 30 Minute Vaulting lesson: ...on the barrel horse first and when ready on the real horse, first in standing and then moving in a walk. 

- 30 Minute Trick Riding lesson:  also first on the our barrel horse and from there on the real horse, with doing it first in a stand and then moving in a walk and if your camper is really into it she will learn to control the horse during the tricks on her own. 

- All aspects about horse care and barn management (approx.1 hour each day): - Each camper will get their own horse assigned to take care off. This horse/pony most of the time is not the same horse the camper is riding during lesson. They will feed and groom this horse/pony. 

Campers also clean pastures and fill up water twice a day. 

- 30 Minute Theory lesson: Where we learn all an Equestrian should know about horses - from body parts to horse colors and markings, from how to take care of tack to how to bath a horse and so much more. 


All our activities are always weather permitted


Horseback Riding Activities

Other Horse Activities

Equestrian Vaulting

Vaulting is dance & gymnastics on the back of a moving horse while it is being controlled by a lunger.


Vaulting is rooted in ancient military training and has been around for centuries. Many Riding programs throughout Europe require little kids to start with vaulting before riding as it facilitates strength, balance & harmony needed for safe & successful riding.


Our Campers will be introduced into this equestrian sports if they are here for the first time or keep on learning if they already participated in it in the 2020 Camp year. 





Trick Riding

Trick riding is about acrobatics on the running horse.   You have to be a little adventurous and just a little bit of a daredevil!


But don't worry, the whole trick riding is not really as wild as it looks, because as with any good equestrian training, we will start things very slowly here at Pony Gang Equestrian Services. 

Each step of a trick move will be practiced first on the standing horse or on our wooden training horse. If this is understood the exercises are tried out in a walk with a handler leading the horse.

And with increasing security in the trick moves the trick rider will start controlling the horse him/herself. But this part needs time and is more for returning campers. 

Horse Care and Barn Management

The Horsemanship part of our Camp invites our campers to learn about the care of horses. Grooming, feeding, tacking, stable and barn management are all areas our campers will learn about.


By the end of the session, they will know that taking care of a horse isn’t simple and hard work, but it is so much fun!

Other Activities

We have united camp activties during the afternoon and expect all campers to participate in them.

Our Counselors plan this activities for the week 




Our facility is amazing. We love sharing our idyllic location in the wonderful country side of Richland County in South Carolina with our campers. Kids that come to our Camps often can't wait to return in the next summer.


Pony Gang Farm owner, and our Camp staff are dedicated to the mission and benefits that summer camp offers. We strive to make sure that every child that spends time at Pony Gang Farm experiences love, acceptance, and fun!


Our Equestrian Overnight Area gives the girls a feel of home. Our happy campers, along with our Overnight counselor, will share an air conditioned 768 square feet area with 2 bathrooms and showers right there. 


Overnight and Day Campers will together set out for daily adventures, enjoy exciting activities and explore this magical place called Pony Gang Farm.

*Beginner Riders will share a horse for the first days, as they assist each other and learn this way not only the riding but also the ground handling of a horse/pony. *