Covid-19 Preparation

Our Students and Campers safety is our first priority

Dear Pony Gang Family and Fans,


since we founded our Riding School and Camp here in the US, nothing has ever been more important to us than the safety, health, and well-being of our students, campers, and their families. 


In preparation for a healthy summer, we are implementing a wide array of additional procedures to minimize any possible effects of COVID-19. 


Below you will find our step-by-step plan. 


1. Gather the best information 

Since March, we have been in contact with the State Health Department, the American Camp Association, and other Riding Academy owners and Camp owners to determine how best to prepare for camp this summer. As much as we have wanted fast answers, we have prioritized getting to the right answers. When best practice recommendations and timelines are released, we will make an informed decision about camp and communicate with our families about what to expect. 


2. Listen to experts 

As always, we are committed to running camp only if we can do so responsibly and healthily, To determine the right approach, we are listening closely to healthy care professionals and the relevant authorities to ensure we have the most accurate and current information. This is an exercise in humility: we are "camp experts". but not medical professionals. 

Just like our wonderful camp counselors, we pride ourselves on flexibility, We are diligently planning for different scenarios that the summer might bring, and will adjust accordingly as experts provide guidelines to operate camp in healthy manner. 


3. Dedication to Sanitation

We have raised our already thorough sanitation standards to match and exceed recommendations from health care professionals. Our housekeeping already work hard to keep camp clean: this year, they will have extra help from our summer camp staff members. We will increase the frequency with which we perform deep cleanings of shared surfaces and indoor facilities, and deploy extra sanitation runs throughout the day. 


4. Personal Hygiene

While personal hygiene has always been an important part of camp, it will be a point of special emphasis this year. Pony Gang Camp already utilizes a comprehensive daily health check, but this summer we will add several relevant monitoring elements. There will also be additional hand washing stations throughout camp, and counselors will be prepared to model best hygiene practices so that campers know how we do it the Pony Gang way. 



5. Social Distancing measures

In keeping with public guidelines, we will modify certain elements of our lessons and camp program to achieve reasonable distancing standards. For example, during Camp our Dining Hall and Tent will have enough space between campers during meals. We also plan to operate camp with smaller groups. Our staff is up to the task of being innovative and flexible so that the campers feel like this is just another terrific summer at camp.

7. Closed Community

Not only do we take the health and safety of our camp community seriously, but we see ourselves as partners with our local and statewide communities. Our responsibility extends beyond Pony Gang Farm, which is why we will be treating camp as a closed "bubble" this year. Campers will be required to pass a health check at drop-off Day before they are allowed to join the camp community. 

Furthermore, there will be no visitors during the camp sessions and we will limit entrances and exits to and from property to essential business only. Our staff members will make the extra commitment not to leave camp during their time off. We will adjust the way we do Arrival day and Pick up day to minimize interaction between cam families. 

If you have any questions about our approach to COVID-19 , our summer camp and lessons program, please give us a call (803) 374 - 2155 or send us an email