Daily Schedule

Please note: 

This is just an example day. Time lines or activities could change depending on, if your child will participate in our vaulting and trick riding lesson. 

07:00 am             Wake up bell

07:15 am             Breakfast bell

08:00 am             Horse Care - Hay feeding, water fill up and graining 

08:45 am             Start getting horses ready for lesson 

09:15 am             Start Riding Lesson Group

09:45 am             Start Riding Lesson Group 2

10:30 am             Start Riding Lesson Group 3

11:15 am             Vaulting and Trick Riding 

01:00 pm             Lunch time 

01:30 pm             Stable/Pasture management 

03:00 pm             Afternoon activities (changing each day!)

05:00 pm             Night feeding and closing of stables/pastures

05:30 pm             Dorm clean up 

06:00 pm             Dinner 

06:30 pm             Night Activities 

08:15 pm             Dorm time and shower time 

10:00 pm             Lights out

Please note that Monday's is our Evaluation day in the riding lessons. We will see where they stand as riders in their balance and independante seat, in their aids and if the horse we have matched them with is a good fit.  Lessons could be shorter or longer on this day. 

We will build the groups after this and build a lessons plan for each camper for their remaining lessons during their stay with us. It could be that we will put rider's into a seat line lesson if we think she could benefit from this to advance and better her riding.