Horsemanship Overnight & Day Camp

Girls Overnight Camp Horseback riding lessons at Pony Gang Camp in Camden SC

Girls Ages 7 - 16 years


What makes us different? 


Imagine going to the pasture to bring in your horse, grooming and saddling him, riding him in a sunlit arena or through wooded trails. 

Then spending your afternoon jumping on the trampoline and having a picnic at the pond. You can try your hands at camp crafts, feeding our ducks, chicken, miniature pigs or goats. Also,  swimming in the beautiful pool, campfires, girl talk in the bunk room after lights out and hikes along the wooded banks of our ponds. 

The Horsemanship Camp program focuses on all things related to horses incl. English, Hunter/Jumper and Western riding lessons.


All levels of riders are welcome. Instructions are tailored to the skill level and specific needs of each camper from beginner (balance, steering, rising trot, basic pole-work, etc.) to more advanced (seat and position in canter, jumping, etc.).

Camp Pony Gang in Camden strongly believes that when developing the equestrian of tomorrow, safe horsemanship and care of animals are just as important to teach as mounted skills.


We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe and well-rounded Horsemanship camp experience where girls can immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy themselves in a non-competitive environment.

Camp fires are fun at Pony Gang Girls Overnight Camp in Camden SC

The longer Campers stay here with us at the Pony Gang Summer Camp the more they learn, and the more time they have to establish friendships and connections that continue as lifelong sources of strength.



Why Pony Gang Horsemanship Camp?


Accredited * Choice * Camp staff * Family owned * International


Our Campers come from all over the USA but a specially from South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. We also welcome International Campers from South America, England, Germany and Austria. 


Transportation from and to the Airports in Charlotte, Columbia and Florence are available on request ($70 one-time fee!) 


Pony Gang Equestrian Center is a family-oriented Facility. The camp keeps a limited enrollment as, statistically, it has been shown that campers receive a more wholesome experience without the intimidation of a large, full of hustle and bustle camp. Kids at our camp receive more attention and are not lost in the shadows of more competitive campers. 

What happens during a Camp Day?

Each day is packed with activities. We believe it is important for you to have a balance of scheduled activities or lessons and free activity time where campers can chose what they like to do. Our daily schedule ensures both.

Each morning we meet for breakfast in our Dinning Hall Building. After finishing breakfast we will meet for flag with our Day Campers.  Then we break campers into our riding groups. The first group then tacks up their horses and has their mounted lessons first while the other ½ of the girls will have unmounted lessons, barn chores or other activities around the horses.  We switch at 10:30 am. Every morning we have a 1 hour group riding lesson with each group.*

After morning lessons and chores, we go and wash up quickly and get ready for lunch. We eat lunch in our Dinning Hall Building. 

Free Time starts at 2:00. All the activities are staffed and you can choose what you want to do. That means you can go to the pool every afternoon for the whole afternoon, you may choose to hang out with the horses and have some special activities, use our educational Horsemanship games in the Dinning Hall, Play Outside Games  or you may want to try to stop by all the activities but you get to make the choices. Check out the activity section to see more about all that we offer.

After we said goodbye to our day campers our Overnight Campers will feed hay to the horses and close down the pastures for the night. 

Before dinner  all remaining camper gathers to take down the flag.

After dinner we have a camp wide night activity which changes every day. 

At the end of the day we return to the bunk room to get ready for bed. 


*This changed for our 2020 Camp. Before this our riding lessons have been provided in a 30 Minute private one-on-one lessons with one of our 3 trainers. Now children will be split in groups between our 3 trainers and receive a 1 hour lesson. Beginner riders will assist each other during this lesson till they are able to ride free by themselves. 

If you still prefer your child to receive a 30 Minute Private one-on-one lesson please contact our office before the Camp start to arrange this. 

Girl mounting her Camp pony for lessons at Pony Gang Overnight Camp in Camden SC

Horses during Camp

Campers are matched with a horse or pony for their entire session allowing them to connect and progress together. Our Farm is the year around home to 34 wonderful, furry friends of many sizes, breeds and colors. They are all specifically trained here at the Farm for our lessons and camp programs and maintained under our watchful eyes. 

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