Arrival & Departure Day

The  best day of the summer for your girl will be her opening Day at Pony Gang Overnight Camp - it is a day full of excitement, anticipation and lots of happy Campers. 

Get ready for Your daughters opening Day - it is for sure one of her favorite days of the year.


Arrival Day 

 On Arrival Day our check in is open from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. We don't allow check ins before 2:00 pm.

You are asked to park in our visitors parking area. One of our Camp staff will welcome you there and show you the way to the Overnight Dorm. Your heavier bags will be loaded on a wagon right there and be brought to the Dorm. You will need to carry loose items to the dorms. 

After unpacking, you will then take all medications with you to the check-in tent to ensure that we have received all of your daughter paperwork. If your daughter is not feeling well please come with her together to the tent.

We will have mail bins in the tent for you to drop pre-written letters for your daughter so that she receives mail the first few days of camp. 

All campers should be saddled in by latest 4:00 pm and parents should said their goodbye's to their camper and left the farm. 


We ask that dogs and all other animals stay in the parking area and do not go with you to the Dorm area. Please make sure your animal is on a leash when taken out of the vehicle. 


If you have any questions please call us!

Departure Day 

Our gates open at 2:00 pm for pick up, and we encourage you to be here before 3:00 pm, because our gates close at 4:00 pm.

You park again in our Visitor parking area and walk down to the Overnight Dorm. 

Feel free to take a tour with your daughter and let her show you all places she spend her summer camp time and let her show you her favorite horses/ponies in our herd. 

Your daughters heavy luggage will again be transported to the parking area.  Please ensure that you will get all your daughters bags from the transport cart.  Loose items have to be carried to the vehicles by you. 

Animals must stay on a leash and by the parking area. 



Trunks, storage container or duffle bags are always the easiest way to pack for camp. Trunks are sturdy and give children some place to sit too while duffle bags are easy to tuck away after you unpacked at camp. 

Suitcases are harder to storage, so we would like to ask you avoid using at all time. Thank you!