Camp Food

Our Menue and special Diat

We are proud of our long-standing reputation for great camp food!


But NO matter how hard we try, we cannot accommodate all individual tastes and food preferences at every meal, but we work hard to make sure there is an option for everyone. 


Campers with Food Allergies

Our mission is to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all campers. Therefore, we want to be sure we have all the details and information regarding your child’s food allergy prior to the start of camp. This information should be provided in writing from your doctor on the Camp Health Form and include what causes the response, what type of response has occurred in the past, symptoms, and any treatment/prevention strategies.


Parents should obtain and review the copy of the menu for the period of time that your camper will be attending camp. The menu for the 2021 Summer camp can be found by clicking the below button.  After reviewing the menu, discuss any concerns of potential allergens with our Camp director. If accommodations are required a plan must be in place in advance of your arrival at camp. This plan will be shared with our kitchen and as well as, your camper’s counselors. It is the family’s responsibility to review with the child the information needed to manage her food allergy.


In some cases, it may be necessary for the camper to provide her own food during the camp session.


All dietary allergies & concerns must be discussed with our director four weeks prior to your arrival.

Please call (803) 374 2155 if you have any questions.


Gluten Free items available upon request.



We are trying to serve our campers a filling breakfast each morning to get them ready for a long summer day. 

Campers can choice between regular 2% Milk and Orange Juice. 

Soy or almond milk must be requested before arrival at camp.


We also have fruits cups, bread and jelly, Yogurts available for them each morning. 


We serve each day a homecooked lunch that is kids and teenager friendly. 

Each lunch will be closed with a different dessert each day, which goes from homebaked ckes, muffins and cookies to pudding and ice creme. 


We also have bread, butter and honey together with different fruits ready for them with each lunch. 


 We serve each day a homecooked dinner that is kids and teenager friendly. 


We also have bread, butter and honey together with different fruits ready for them with each dinner. 


 Snacks will be available all day at the dinning hall. Our Snacks will be changing each day and will contain fruits and baking goods.