General Camp information

To enhance your child's experience at Pony Gang Camp here are some basic information about Pony Gang Camp. 


Visitor & Call Policy

We no longer allow campers to have visitors during any of our camp sessions or receive phone calls from parents and family members. 

Our experience shows that this only makes campers homesick.

We offer Bunk 1 starting 2021 as a communication platform with your camper. See our Parents Guide for more information. 

Bunks and Decoration 


Campers are required to bring their own bedding. One twin sheet per week staying in camp. Pillows and 2 pillow cases if staying longer as one week. Also Comforter, warmer blanket for cold nights and lighter blanket for the hot summer nights. 

Bunk Decorations 

Starting 2020 Campers are aloud to decorate their Bunk area to make their space feel more like home. 

Approved decorations:

- decorative pillows

- Stuffed animals

- Photos 

- Battery operated small clip-on fan 

Decorations that campers may not bring:

- Decorative elements like personalized signs or letters

- string lights of any kind

- Garland of any kind, including pom-pom

- Any non-photo items to hang

Head to Toe Rule 

In order to follow health regulations starting 2020 all bunk beds will be set up Head-to-Toe, meaning that campers in one bunkbed cannot have their heads facing the same directions. 



A Birthday is a very special day for every camper and so we are hear at Pony Gang will do everything to make this happen. Camper will receive a small Birthday Cake, all Campers will sing "Happy Birthday" to them. In the evening we will have a Birthday party with all Overnight campers for her, play fun games and have a little dance. 

Camp Store 

(New 2020) Starting March, you will be able to purchase items like Camp T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Towels, Socks, Belts and other items from our Online Camp store. 

We require all Campers to at least purchase one of our Camp T-Shirts. 


All orders have to be turned in latest by May 15th 2020, this is the Date our Store will close to ensure that we have your order ready in time for Camp start.