Packing & Preparing

There is nothing more exciting than packing and preparing for your time at Pony Gang Overnight Camp. As you prepare for your summer in Camden South Carolina, you can call us with any questions you might have. We cannot wait to welcome you at our Residential Camp this Summer. 

Packing List 

 We receive many questions from parents regarding what to pack for camp and we will try to answer any question below. Should you still have other questions, please feel free to contact our Office. 


What should I pack for camp? 

The best place to look are our Pony Gang Parent Guide that contains a copy of our Packing list. 


Can my daughter bring food to camp?

Campers are not allowed to bring any food, gum or candy to camp. 


Are they any restrictions what my daughter can bring to Camp?

Campers are not allowed to bring electronic items (cell phone, iPods, DVD players, Wi-Fi Devices, e-readers, iPads, smart watches, etc.), extension cords, hammocks, slime, offensive or suggestive clothing with inappropriate graphics or themes, or valuables (incl expensive clothing or sports gear, and/or money). If brought to camp, these items will be placed in our Office till pick-up day. Digital cameras without internet capabilities are allowed. 

Pony Gang Equestrian Services or their camp staff is not responsible for valuables or any lost things.