Hunter / Jumper / English Riding Lesson

Horseback riding instruction at Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Camden, South Carolina emphasizes balance, seat, and legs to communicate with the horse!

  • Trains legs to be in proper position
  • Maintains proper body position
  • Correctly use leg signals
  • Does not rely on stirrups for balance

Equitation and Balance is key to riding – it is the main foundation on which our Horseback riding program is based on.

We offer year-round lessons for anyone over the age of 3. Adults are very welcome in our program.

Our Trainers teach Hunt Seat, Hunter over fences, Hunter Equitation, English and Jumper lessons. With a lifetime of riding experience, our Trainers know just how to explain the proper riding technique

But riding is more than just getting on a horse. Pony Gang Equestrian Services teaches through their curriculum all aspects of horsemanship including but not limited grooming, tacking up, the care of a horse and even a little horse psychology.


So, don't wait any longer - Enroll in our Horseback riding lessons program today!

Prices for Hunter/English/Jumper lessons

Our lessons prices are based on subscription packages that offer you the most value and the best opportunity to grow! Riding horses is like any other sport, the more you ride, the better you will be. 


The subscription packages include: 

  • A guarantee of a spot in the same lessons slot (time and day) every week 
  • One monthly Pony Gang Club - Horsemanship group lesson on Saturday's at 10:00 am (see 2022 calendar)**
  • Quarterly Goal meeting
  • Quarterly  video evaluation of rider
  • Quarterly Level Program testing with Awards
  • Access to our learning platform 

**Topics of our horsemanship lessons range from basic horse knowledge to stable management and horse husbandry. It is a fun hands-on activity that deepens the knowledge every Equestrian should have.


Introductory Lesson

Our Introductory lesson is a one time lesson which we use to meet and greet new students that never been at PGE before. We will talk about goals and evaluate where students stand. 

Incl. introduction about us and our program, short evaluation riding lesson,  Q & A 

appr. 60 Minute 


Price:   $50**


Ready Rider

This lesson program is designed for riders ages 7 and up (Adults are welcome!!). Riders learn how important a balanced and independent seat is. Riders will learn how to be able to ride independently in a rising trot and steer the horse pony through small obstacle courses and ride schooling figures by heart. 

After they have mastered the basics riders will learn to ride a variety of horses at the walk, trot and canter. Learn their two-point position. Ride over poles, x-rails and jump verticals. 


1 riding lesson a week*



Price:  $ 200

Academy Rider

This package is designed for English/Hunter/Jumper riders that are devoted to horseback riding and want to go on the fast track of learning how to ride in a balanced and independent seat as a beginner or get more riding time as an advanced rider.  

Package is based on the same concept as our "Ready Rider"-package, but student will take lessons twice a week instead of once a week.  


2 riding lessons a week*


Price:   $ 380

* Pony Gang will be closed 6 weeks out of the year. During this weeks, no lessons will be taught. These off-weeks will not change your monthly tuition fee because our monthly tuition is based on the 46 lessons during a year. These off weeks give us the flexibility to give our school horses some needed breaks and allow our trainers some vacation planning. 


Closing Dates for 2022

May 30 - June 4, 2022

August 1 - August 13, 2022

November 21 - November 26, 2022

December 19, 2022 - December 31, 2022


Please take note: 


- BEGINNER RIDERS WILL START WITH PRIVATE LUNGE LINE LESSON and move forward with private lesson off the lunge line.  - Beginner lessons include a 30 Minute one-on-one riding time. 


- All riders must wear an approved riding helmet. 

- All riders must wear proper pants - breeches for English riding - and boots with 2" heels (no dress boots from Walmart or any other regular Shoe store.).

- Read our "What you need to get started site?"  here 

-  All riders  need to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their lesson so that they can ensure  that we can start on time with your lesson.  Riders that arrive late or not have their horse ready in time will have that time deducted from their lesson.

- 24 hours cancellation notice is required for all lessons, otherwise lesson will be charged with no opportunity of rescheduled. Makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled again. 

In the event that the weather prevents riding - unmounted horsemanship lessons will be substituted at all time. Students agree to this !


***No refund on pre-paid lessons and this lessons are not transferable . Lessons can be rescheduled***