Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team

The Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team is for both adults and juvenile riders. Members of the Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team do not need to own their own horse and can ride Pony Gang Equestrian Services lesson horses at local competitions.

The Pony Gang Equestrian Show team exposes beginner and intermediate riders to horse show competitions. This allows riders to gain experience in the show ring.

Pony Gang Equestrian Show Team Members are required to ride at least once a week. One lesson is a private lesson and focused on individual skills and the second is a group lesson that allows riders to learn showmanship skills while riding with teammates at the same time.


Pony Gang Equestrian Services fee's  Show Season 2019: 

  • Trainer fee* 1 Day Show             $ 40.00
  • Trainer fee* 2 Day Show            $ 70.00
  • Trainer fee* 3 Day Show            $ 130.00

         *incl. coaching during show, warm up, course walk

  • Travel fee** WESS                              $ 100.00
  • Travel fee** Aiken                               $ 100.00
  • Travel fee** Darlington                    $   80.00
  • Travel fee** Chester                           $  80.00
  • Travel fee** local Camden area     $  60.00
  • other shows vary by distance

         **incl. use of lessons horse and transport of horse/pony to show Ground. 


Fee's to be paid at the Show Ground:

  • Ground fee's                                     $ 5.00 - 25.00 per Day 
  • Entry Fee                                          $ 10.00 - 35.00 per Class
  • Stable fee'                                         $ 20.00 - 75.00 per Day
  • Office fee                                          $ 5.00 - 20.00 per Day/Show