Tiny Tot's  - Lesson for 3-6 year old

Tiny Tots horseback riding lesson in Camden, SC by Pony Gang Equestrian Services

Our Tiny Tot program here at Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Camden is a riding lessons program that will give your horse loving youngster a "leg up" into the Equestrian world. 


Young children will get a hands-on introduction to ponies with riding lesson and hands-on pony projects. Lessons are taught by one of our experienced riding instructors and each student is led in the beginning by a handler. 


Our students parents call us "Best little kids program in town". The Tiny Tots program is safe, fun and children progress at their own pace. 


The pony lessons program consists of one lesson a week. It is an exciting activity for children. 


Our goal in this program is to teach the children the correct and balance seat, how to control their ponies, learn to walk and trot.  The ponies we use in this program are carefully chosen for their good nature, calmness, and quiet disposition.


We match our students with ponies that fits to their size, so that they can with no problem learn how to groom and tack up and lead their ponies. Games and horse safety are also important parts of this program. 


Riding lessons for children  3-6 years of age are a fun program here at Pony Gang Equestrian Services in South Carolina

Benefits of Horseback riding for your child


Everyone sees horse riding as a fun outdoor sport, but it offers so much more intrinsic benefits for children as well:


If we look at it from the physical development side, horseback riding improves  your child's balance and motor coordination. Also hand-eye coordination, core strength and muscular development are benefits from riding horses. 


Horseback riding has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in some children. An improvement in brain-based skills in some cases may lead to enhanced learning, memory and problem solving. Worldwide studies show how taking part in an Equestrian sport can effect the improvement of children's learning abilities. The movement of he horses during riding may improve learning in children by activating the sympathetic nervous system.  


As children progress in their riding skills, they develop self-confidence and self-assurance.


Horseback riding offers children a great workout for both the mind and body and physically boosting the cardiovascular system. Children need healthy and relaxing down time in our today's society where they are exposed to so much external stimuli.    


Equally important to your child's physical benefits are the therapeutic and psychological benefits that horse riding offers. 

Your little horse lover will find their dream come true here at Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Camden

As a sport horseback riding helps in creating a disciplined child, because it teaches a lot of self-discipline and can increase your child's patience level as well as help define their focus and control


There is an emotional benefit too, because one of the first things that a you rider (child) learns, is to act confidently in the face of fear and uncertainty. This is because if the rider appears scared of something, the horse senses this and will feel the fear as well. Horses are very sensitive to the emotions of their riders and will often mirror those emotions. 


Riding is also a brilliant way to bring shy children out of their shell. Children who are by nature timid, often open up to a pony. Think about it..... horses and ponies never judge or bully , instead they can seem especially in tune with a rider's troubles. 


Riding horses can have educational benefits too for your young child. They are encouraged to count the ears and legs of a pony, the pony's hoof-beats and their place in the ride. 


You see a lot of life skills are learnt through horseback riding. 

Tiny Tot Lessons Schedule


3 pm

3 Spots available 


3 pm

3 spots available 


 4 pm 

class is full


3 pm 

1 Spots available 


11 am 

class is full 

*Please note that during the summer time June - mid of August our lessons times changes from afternoon to morning 8 am / 9 am 

Prices for Tiny Tots lessons

Our monthly lessons prices are based on subscription packages that offer you the most value and the best opportunity to grow! Riding horses is like any other sport, the more you ride, the better you will be. 


Introductory Lesson

Our Introductory lesson is a one time lesson which we use to meet and greet new students that never been at PGE before. We will talk about goals and evaluate where students stand. 

Incl. introduction about us and our program, short evaluation riding lesson,  Q & A 

appr. 60 Minute 


Price:   $40**


**Scheduling our Introductory lesson is free. If you sign up for our Tiny Tot Lessons program Introductory lesson stays free. You only get charge for the lesson if you are a no-show for the scheduled lesson or if you decide against our program after the lesson.  If you have prepaid your Introductory lesson, we will deduct the fee of your first monthly payment. 

Tiny Tot Lesson

A lesson designed to give your little one in the age of 3-6 years a "leg up" in the horse world. Once your horseback riders progress past this stage, they enter our Ready Rider Program. Lessons are 60 minutes in total and consist grooming, pony care and riding time.


Tiny Tot lessons are a great way to get your young rider confident in the saddle. 


1 lesson a week


Price:   $ 160*