Horseback Riding is more than just a Sport!


Horseback riding is actually a dynamic activity with many advantages for children, teens and riders of all ages. From physical education to social and cognitive development  and therapeutic benefits, there are many reasons why every child and teen should experience horseback riding!

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Social Benefits 

Horseback riding helps to gain for example 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

Physical Education 

Horseback riding improves for example 

- Balance 

- Motor coordination 

- Muscle development

- Flexibility

- Posture 

- Hand-eye Coordination

- Core strength

- Body awareness

Other Benefits 

Also horseback riding helps with 

- Accountability 

- Compassion 

- Sportsmanship

- Dependability

- Bravery 

- Selflessness 

- Camaraderie

- and much more.... 

Please note the above-listed benefits are all possible via horseback riding, however, as with all other sports and activities each child responds differently. That stated, we take great pride in our facility and teaching methods and always do our best to aid your child(ren) in experiencing these benefits! 

Pony Gang Equestrian Services

We strongly believe that our Program will influence and guide the next generation of riders from an beginner rider to an lifelong horse lover. 


With our well thought through curriculum our Riding Academy educates both inside and outside of the arena to create riders that are confident, caring and committed horse people.

We provide a safe and well schooled lesson horse, equipment, and helmets. Surround yourself with positive people and a nurturing environment. All you need to bring are long pants, some boots or shoes with 2 inch heels and a positive attitude.