Horseback riding Lessons

More Information about our Lessons Program

Our Goal at Pony Gang Equestrian Services – Horse Riding School is to introduce you to the wonderful world of horses or if you already ride, we’d like to teach you how to enjoy horses more and get along with your horse better.


Our students help groom and tack up their horse (5-15 Minutes), ride (depending on lesson 30 to 45 Minutes) and untack (5 Minutes).  Each lesson is customized to the individual riding level of each rider.

The first lesson at our facility is always an evaluation ride.



With our lessons program, you will gain confidence, become focused, and develop social skills while building a solid riding foundation under the supervision of safety conscious instructors. Weekly group lessons (3-4 riders) last 45 to 60 Minutes.


You want more information? Give us a call or write us an e-mail. 


What is an evaluation ride?

The evaluation ride is the first ride at our facility, where the instructor will get a first impression of the rider’s skills and goals. We introduce the rider to the basics horsemanship and riding. The basics reviewed in the evaluation lesson will provide the foundation for the rider’s future progression plan. (Cost of a evaluation ride is $35)


Please Email or call 803.374.2155 to schedule a lesson!