Equestrian Vaulting

Gymnastics - Dance - Horses

Equestrian vaulting is a combination of dance and gymnastics on the back of a moving horse. 

Horse vaulting was brought to the US more than 35 years ago from Europe. Depending on the level, vaulters perform while the horse is being lounged at the walk, trot, or canter. Vaulters perform as individuals, pairs, and teams. 


Horse vaulting is a unique sport which helps vaulters to develop 

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Confidence 
  • Coordination 
  • Flexibility 

while working in harmony with the horse. 


Equestrian Vaulting also stands for 

  • Happiness 
  • Teamwork

Here at Pony Gang Camp, we offer Interactive vaulting to our campers 


No previous experience is required to try vaulting or to experience this fun sport during camp!


Vaulting is one of the safest equestrian sports. In addition to being a fun way to work with horses. Students also learn

  •  New sills
  •  Creativity
  •  Trust
  • Cooperation
  •  Communication
  •  Camaraderie

with their classmates and the horse. Learn responsible horse care and safety. 


Our Vaulting lessons are conducted in a very controlled environment - a consistent, large circle - in our enclosed round pen. During our beginner lessons the horse is lead by one of our handlers and when vaulters have more experience horse will be on a lunge line controlled by one of our instructors.  Careful attention is given to the safety of each vaulter at all time. 


More Benefits of Vaulting are 

  • Independence 
  • Team building skills

The horse, instructor and vaulter work as a team, with the instructor controlling the horse who performs at a continuous gait depending on the vaulter’s level of experience. The vaulter performs a series of gymnastics and dance moves on the horse as it navigates the circle. 


Trust is also built between the instructor, horse and vaulter. 


Vaulters are responsible for a variety of horse duties before and after each lesson, depending on age and level.  Duties may include hoof picking, brushing, tacking up, washing, and walking the horse back to the pasture.


What will all happen during the class ?

Warm up training

The warm-up training has a high priority within each vaulting lesson. This activates the cardiovascular system, improves the function of the joints and prepares vaulters for the gymnastics on the horse. 

Various forms of running and games are suitable for example like marching-in training or running with the horse. 

This is followed by various strength and speed exercises such as a jumping training for the mounting jump. 

Coordination should also be improved during warm-up training, for example balancing on a bare. 

The vaulters mobility during vaulting is particularly important, which can be improved with various stretching exercises. Specific moves are then also practiced on the wooden horse while the horse is being warmed up.  


Entering and exiting training 

Entering and exiting the arena during a competition is performed in a special way of running as a closed group into the lunging circle.  It is a great and suitable exercise for the warm-up also and improves the coordination skills and the ability to rhythmic. To do this all vaulters line up at arm's length. To the beat of the music everyone starts walking in a special step - lifting the heels and stretching the toes. To bow, all vaulters run in the middle of the circle or at a competition to the judge at A and line up next to each other and then bow. If it is a team performance all vaulters enter together, if it is a single performance only the vaulter showing will enter and bow. 

Then the vaulters run out of the circle again in the same step as before and stand in a row next to each other to wait for their turn. 

The order is simply reversed to run out. 


Wooden Horse Training 

Training on the wooden horse enriches every vaulting session enormously. This is where beginners in particular can get a first feel for the vaulting exercises without being disturbed by the horse movement. Advanced vaulters can secure movements or try new ones while protecting the sensitive back of a horse in the event that an exercise should not be successful.

Nowadays there are even special vaulting tournaments that only take place on the wooden horse!


Training session on the horse

The best thing about a vaulting lesson is, of course, gymnastics on horseback. Depending on the hourly goal or upcoming  competitions, various exercises are vaulted during the training. 

The main training will depending on the level of the vaulter be done in a walk and canter, but also the standing at a trot can greatly improve the balance of a vaulter. 


Then one of the vaulters will show a order of exercises and all other vaulters will show the same order as the first vaulter.