Terms and Conditions

Lessons Programs and Homeschool Program

Please read carefully, you will be asked to agree to this terms & conditions when signing up for lessons. Pony Gang Equestrian Services lessons program operates on a monthly subscription basis.

Subscriptions are available for

- Tiny Tot lesson

- Western lessons

- English/Hunter/Jumper lesson

- Homeschool lessons



(1) The term “Lesson” herein shall refer to handling, ground work, riding, vaulting, trick riding and/or driving of a pony/ponies/ horse(s) by student and/or instructor for the purpose of education and in exchange of money or an agreed upon barter. .

(2) Lessons vary in time. Generally for privat lesson 30 Minutes and for group lessons 45-60 Minutes, plus additional 30-60 minutes to set up, get horse, grooming, tacking up, untacking after lesson and clean up. 

(2) The term “Rider/Student” refers to the person/s receiving Lessons as shown in the registration. .

(3) The term “Stable” refers to Pony Gang Equestrian Services

(4) The term “instructor” refers to Stefanie Terebayza, Angelique Terebayza and Ashley Terebayza or any of their assistant trainers

(5) The term “Horse” refers to the ponies/horses of Pony Gang Equestrian Services

(6) The terms "I", "ME", "MY", shall herein refer to the rider listed in the registration and the parents or legal guardians thereof if a minor.


This agreement shall be legally binding upon me the registered rider, and the parents or legal guardians thereof if a minor, my heirs, estate, assigns, including all minor children, and personal representatives; and it shall be interpreted according to the laws of the state of South Carolina and Richland County in which THIS STABLE'S physical is located. Any dispute by the rider shall be litigated in and venue shall be the Richland County in which THIS STABLE is physically located.


(1) Pony Gang Equestrian Services will provide client with the amount of group riding lesson that is showing in the purchased packages or subscriptions

(2) Pony Gang Equestrian Services will also provide each client with one monthly unmounted horsemanship lesson.

(3) Pony Gang Equestrian Services will provide clients with an unmounted horsemanship class if inclement weather occurs during the scheduled lesson time.

(4) Pony Gang Equestrian Services will provide the lesson horse, saddle, bridle, and all equipment for the horse

(5) Pony Gang Equestrian Services will provide riding instruction

(6) Pony Gang Equestrian Services shall fulfill the duties in a manner consistent with good and safe basic riding and instruction consistent with The American Horse Show Association, the county of Richland County, and in the State of South Carolina.

(7) Students will be automatically grouped together with students of similar ability and level. This is paramount to our barn culture and philosophy of creating a community that encourages camaraderie, friendship, and support. We feel this leads to higher quality riding, lessons, and just plain more fun.


(1) Student reserves the right on riding style preference and determines the final goal.

(2) Student must show up at least 15 Minutes prior their scheduled lessons time to get ready for their lesson. If student needs more time then he/she has to add editional time. 

(3) Student must wear proper attire- please check our Website for required attire for your lesson and riding style! ( https://www.ponygang-farm.com/lesson/what-you-need... )

(4) Student must be coachable, positive, and have a good attitude!


(1) Student or his/her parents if a student is a minor will put a credit or debit card on file, and it will be automatically charged the signed up tuition per month beginning on the first day of enrollment and continuing every 30 days (28th of the month prior the next lesson month) thereafter.

(2) If Student or parent needs to change the credit card on file, please call 803 - 374 2155 and leave the new credit card number, expiration date, and CVC with one of the team members. You will after this call receive a text message from Pony Gang Equestrian Services verifying that on your request the credit or debit card on file has been updated to the new card

(3) It is the students or parents responsiblilty to ensure that sufficent funds are available on the charge date for the the subscription. If a charge to the card on file gets declined due to insufficent funds or because new card information have not been communicated to Pony Gang Equestrian services student or parent agrees to pay a $15 administration fee and to update the card within 48 hours after receiving an information text and email. 


(1) Student will receive a dedicated time and a day of the week where there will be an appropriate school horse and with a group of riders with similar ability reserved each week

(2) If student cannot make their time during a week- Example riding stables will allow a maximum of one makeup lesson per month. An attempt will be made to try and find an additional time for the student where there is an appropriate lesson horse and group, however because of the complexities of scheduling- there are no guarantees.

(3) Monthly tuition is still due in full when student miss their lessons.

(4) Lessons count as taken if cancellation of one lesson is received less than 24 hours prior to training session or if student is not showing for their lesson. 

(5) In the event that the weather prevents riding- unmounted horsemanship lessons will be substituted.

(6) The best way to get the most value out of the program is it for the student to make it a priority and a commitment not to miss their dedicated lesson time(s)

(7) If a student would like to make a long-term change to their dedicated lesson time, they may do so a maximum of 1 time in a 90 day period by calling or texting 803-374 2155 and leaving a voicemail.


(1) The term of the Agreement shall first be for 3 month after sign up and then on a monthly basis for our "Lessons program" 

(2) The Lesson program subscription will automatically renew itself for another month after the first 3 month are up. The subscription may be terminated from either site with a 30 Day to the end of a month written notice being required for a total cancellation of the subscription or postponing for two months or more . If no written cancellation notice is received within the 30 days prior the end of month the subscription will run for another month and payment will be due. If a written cancellation is received in time a final accounting will be presented by the Instructor and all open payments have to be made by the Student for the contract to end to the requested date.


(a) The parties hereto agree that this Agreement shall be binding on their respective heirs, estate, successors and assigns.

(b) Failure of either party to abide by and perform any and all other terms, covenants, conditions, and obligations of this Agreement shall constitute a default and shall, in addition to any other remedies provided by law or in equity, entitled the wronged party to reasonable attorney fees and court costs related to such breach.

(c) This Agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of the state of South Carolina, and in Richland county. Any dispute by the Student shall be litigated in and venue shall be the county in which this facility is physically located. If any clause, phrase, or word is in conflict with state law, then that single part is null and void.

(d) In accordance with the South Carolina Law relating to the limitation of civil liability regarding equine activities: “WARNING ! Under South Carolina law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from an inherent risk of equine activity, pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 9 of Title 47, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976.”

(e) This Agreement contains the final and entire agreement between parties and neither they nor their agents shall be bound by any terms, conditions, or representatives unless amended to this Agreement and initialed by both parties hereto.