Rent the "Pony Gang" - Team

With us it's going to be more than just a party/event .....'s going to be a PONY PARTY!


If you are planing any kind of celebration for your Family or your organization, you should make sure to include the "PONY GANG - Rent a Pony" - Team, because we will bring your event from great to spectacular with our wonderful hand led ponies and horses. 


Yes, correct !! We can bring our ponies and horses to YOUR event!


Pony Gang provides you with ponies and horses for birthday parties, family reunions, neighborhood events, school events, open houses, community festivals and any other party/event needs. 


And we also make sure that all pony "poop" will be removed before we leave and we take great care to leave no hoof prints behind in your lawn! 



1 hour - 2 Ponies + 2 handlers - Camden (15 Miles)                   $ 140

Extra hour - 2 Ponies + 2 handler                                                $ 125

1 extra Pony + handler per hour                                                  $   65

2 Extra Ponies + handler per hour                                               $ 120

Extra Miles                                                                                  $ 0.70  per driven Mile