Rent the "Pony Gang" - Team

With us it's going to be more than just a party/event .....'s going to be a PONY PARTY!


If you are planing any kind of celebration for your Family or your organization, you should make sure to include the "PONY GANG - Rent a Pony" - Team, because we will bring your event from great to spectacular with our wonderful hand led ponies and horses. 


Yes, correct !! We can bring our ponies and horses to YOUR event!


Pony Gang provides you with ponies and horses for birthday parties, family reunions, neighborhood events, school events, open houses, community festivals and any other party/event needs


And we also make sure that all pony "poop" will be removed before we leave and we take great care to leave no hoof prints behind in your lawn! 



1 hour - 2 Ponies + 2 handlers*                        $ 200.00*                            

1 extra Pony + handler per hour                       $ 100.00*

2 Extra Ponies + handler per hour                    $ 180.00*

Extra charge for large Pony                              $   50.00

* Price is for 15 Miles around Pony Gang Location. Each extra Miles will be charged with      $ 0.75  per driven Mile



Please note :

In consideration of the health of our ponies, we are no longer offer more as 1 hour of pony rides. If you have more Guest and need more riding time, please book extra ponies + handlers. This will come out to the same amount of rides for each of your guest and the same price Thank you for your understanding. 



Please read the below rules before booking a party: 


Pony Gang Equestrian Services can be performed almost anywhere, such as backyards, front yards. However, our ponies cannot and will not perform on rocks, uneven or unleveled ground, HILLS, ROADS, CONCRETE Drives or grass that has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers within 7 days of the party date.

Location cannot be on a major/busy highway, or front yard, which receives large amounts of street traffic. The area in which you would like to hold your pony party needs to be an area large enough for th e ponies and your children, meaning we need an additional room from the area we are working in, allowing your guests to wait,(out of harms way). This is strictly for the safety of our ponies, our staff, and your children.
We must have adequate parking close to the party location for our truck and trailer to park and unload the ponies safely: We can not unload our ponies on a busy highway, parking lot, hill or road which receives large amounts of street traffic.


***Kindly advise if your street is a narrow street, with no or limited parking, or your street goes to a dead with no cul de sac for which we can turn around in.

We have the right, without any deduction of the remaining fee due, to stop , cancel, and/or remove our ponies from any unsafe conditions. For example, the above conditions are not meet. Fireworks, loose or barking dogs, lighting and thunderstorms, children on bicycles, scooters, roller blades, etc. Children playing football, soccer, baseball or Frisbee near or around, where our ponies need to perform. Water guns, games with loud noises, clacking or banging. bouncies, trampolines, swingsets, and water slides, need to be placed out of the path in which you would like for us to work.  Please have children refrain from using these items while our ponies are in use.