Release Date : August 1, 2022 

Pony Gang Educational Concept

We offer a membership for riding instructors to a large selection of educational material for their active riding lessons and especially for their theory lessons for children and teenagers. 


We also offer a membership to parents that want to educate their kids about horseback riding, horses, their care and history. 


All material contains years of research. All Graphics used in our material are drawn by a talented artist for us. 

Why is our program important for a Riding Instructor?

Good teaching is caught between the fun it should provide for the students (joy in learning), the motivation that the students have and which should be maintained, and the effectiveness that the instructor wants, i.e. the imparting of knowledge and skills.


Joy of learning, motivation, and growth in learning are mutually dependent: 

- Those who are motivated learn more and develop a willingness to learn 

- Those who enoy learning remain motivated and learn more

- Those who learn a lot stay motivated and enjoy learning 


We want to provide trainers and riding instructors with great lessons plans in order to be able to design a fun theory lessons in combination with written study material for the cognitive assurance of what has been learned.  


A theory lesson that is only lectured by a trainer or riding intructor does not reach most of the students because it is not fun and with this it affects the motivation to learn in the long run and most of the time when the lesson is over, the facts are usually quickly forgotten. 


Our lessons plans are also so structured that the learning situations are arranged in such a way tht the students can move arround in a variety of ways. This is not only useful because more and more students enter our riding schools nowadays who have little motor development or are overweight. Rather, it also means that learning content can be better memorized when it takes place in motion.


The interplay of riding lesson and theory lessons creates the prerquisite for students to become real "horse people". Sadly nowadays, not every child is in close contact with the animal world or nature. Things that used to be taken for granted by the majority of children now often have to be learned first: 


"Horses and ponies have different needs than in the world of computer-animated series and films" -  this is what our new generation of riding students has to learn and understand 


A future generation of real horse people with a lot of horse feel - that is what we wish for and why we have developed our learning material.

What do we offer you in our Educational Store?

Level Program

We have created a level program for English and Western Riders a like. You get access to the level guide and the certificates for it, 
All can be personalized with your logo before we deliver the pdf files to you


Lesson Plans

We have put a large selection of lessons plans together on different subjects that should be covered during a theory lesson. 
Over 100 pre-written lessons plans for you. (More coming)
Including copy pages for your students to create their own study folder and follow their progress.

Horse Talk Magazin

Horse Talk Magazines are our study guides for students. You can print them for them and hand them out or you can send them per email to have them print on their own.

Each Magazin is covering a seperate topic - grooming, handling, tacking, riding, horse care and many others.  
We have 15 different Magazines and more are in work.  

You receive accesss to all Magazins now and in the future. All magazins will be edited with your Logo.

Lab Books

We have a large selection of Lab books for your students to use during your theory lesson or to have your students work on on their own. 

Work Sheets

Works sheets available for every topic.  You can use them for your lessons or for level testing. 

Power Point Presentations

Large selection of Power Point Presentations matching to our Horse Talk Magazins that you can use for your theory lesson.



Famous games reworked so that you can use them in your theory lesson and other super fun ideas to have some educational fun with your students. 

Question & Answer Cards

Printable cards with Questions and Answers you can use for games, testing and more.  Over 100 cards available and more are comming. 



Guides for your students parents to ensure they are informed about everything they need to know about horseback riding. 

The guides can be personalized for your barn.