What you need to know about our Camp

What makes us different? What makes us able to serve your child better?

We aren't small....We are personal!


Our Size

We believe that we can better serve our campers by keeping our camp small and personal. 

Our Camp set is different than many of the mega camps. By only allowing 20 Overnight campers and 30 Day Campers per week, we can have maximum impact on your child by giving them the individualized attention that they deserve. Also our campers have more opportunities in learning everything that needs to be know about horses, their care and needs. 

Our Staff

We have a hand-picked staff. You won't find us at College and University Summer Camp Fairs. We only hire Equestrians with high ideals, strength of personality, and integrity of character. Our counselors soon become not only the campers mentor, but also their big sister and friend. Naturally, the counselor are able, by example and advice, to encourage self-assurance and help overcome possible weaknesses. Counselors live in the campers area alongside the campers. 

Our Values and Goals 

Our values and goals boil down to two things at Pony Gang Camp: fun and friendship. We firmly believe that given campers the chance to choose some of their daily activities fosters both of these by allowing campers to do what they love, with those who share their interests. 

Our Horse Programs

We have knowledgeable, skilled trainers to manage our stable and run our English and Western riding lessons. Also this year for the first time we will be offering Vaulting an Trick Riding for Beginners. 

Our campers range from total beginners to intermediate equestrians, and ride every day. When they are not on horseback, campers learn how to take care of horses, including feeding and watering, brushing, tacking up, and basics of horse care and health. We also over a great amount on other activities during camp week.