A typical Day at Pony Gang Camp

What happens during a Camp Day?


Each day is packed with activities. We believe it is important for you to have a balance of scheduled activities or lessons and free activity time. Our daily schedule ensures both.

Each morning at 7:00 am is weak-up time and 7:30 am we meet for breakfast in our Dinning Hall Building. After finishing breakfast we do a dorm clean up and after it will meet for flag with our Day Campers.  Then we break campers into our riding groups. The first group then tacks up their horses and has their mounted lessons first while another group has their vaulting or trick riding lesson.  The remaining group of campers will have unmounted lessons, barn chores or other activities around the horses.  Groups will switch at 10:00 am and 11:30 am.  

After morning lessons and chores, we go and wash up quickly and get ready for lunch. We eat lunch in our Dinning Hall Building and after lunch there will be a  30 Minutes of free time where the children read, play games or just talk with their new friends. 

At 2:00 pm we  will have a Horsemanship educational class for everyone. 

Activity time starts at 2:30 pm. All the activities places for this day will be staffed and you can choose what you want to do. That means you can go to the pool every afternoon for the whole afternoon, you may choose to hang out with the horses and have some special activities or use our educational Horsemanship games in the Dinning Hall, play Outdoor Games or you may want to try to stop by all the activities but you get to make the choices. Check out the activity section to see more about all that we offer. We also will hand out an activity list each week, so that you know what we all offer during this week. On some days we will have group activities to work on team building. 

After we said goodbye to our day campers at 5:00 pm our Overnight Campers will feed hay and feed to the horses and close down the pastures for the night. 

Before dinner  campers clean up their dorm area. 

After dinner we have a camp night activity which changes every day. 

At the end of the Day we return to the dorm room to take showers and get ready for bed.  


*Please note this are time and activity examples, not every day will be the same (besides the riding part)* 

Time Overview for what happens during a Camp Day?

Column 2
7:00 AM Wake Up Bell  
7:30 AM Breakfast   
8:00 AM

Dorm Clean-Up 

Arrival Day Camper

8:30 AM First Horse Activity  
10:00 AM Second Horse Activity  
11:30 AM Third Horse Activity  
1:00 PM Lunch   
1:30 PM Free time  
2:00 PM Horsemanship Class  
2:30 PM Afternoon Activities  
4:45 PM Day Campers get ready for pick up  
5:00 PM

Day Camper Pick-Up

Overnight Campers feed Horses 

6:00 PM Dinner   
6:30 PM Evening Activities   
8:00 PM Showers & Dorm time  
9:00 PM Candle Pass  
9:15 PM Lights out