More Information about Horseback Riding Camps

Ages 5-15* Pony Gang Youth Horseback riding Camps in Camden, South Carolina run throughout Spring and Summer breaks. The camper can choose to stay with us for a Day Camp or Overnight Camp, for a week, or throughout all our Summer camp weeks (see Camp Dates for more information). The longer Campers stay here with us at the Pony Gang Equestrian Center the more they learn, and the more time they have to establish friendships and connections that continue as lifelong sources of strength. Each and every day matters when bonding with your equine friends. The horse, your future best buddy while at camp will need some time to get acquainted with you - who would want to allow a stranger ride on your back without first covering all the basics? Well, as in human friendship, equine friendship is very much the same.


Objectives for Pony Gang Youth Campers: Learn how to improve your riding skills in both English and Western disciplines (rider's choice). Campers will learn different horse behaviors, ride several horses to determine ability. Some campers are assigned one permanent mount for the week / stay (generally more experienced campers receive single horse assignments), while others share horses due to varying ability levels. For this reason, we suggest that campers choose a two-week program as it takes a rider a little while to adjust to the horse, and if possible, the camper will get an independent horse assignment for the rest of her stay at camp.


Here, at Pony Gang Equestrian Youth Camps we want to see your children embrace & share the wonders of being an Equestrian, form life-long friendships, improve habits and responsibilities. Our program fosters adolescent independence & teamwork through character development.


Our riding lessons use methods of natural horsemanship and will help develop balance, coordination and teach the imperative communication between the child and the horse. 


Our instructors are sensible, and will not push a rider to do something they are not comfortable with. Campers will be introduced to new ideas, methods and obstacles; however, it is their choice to progress, in a friendly, working environment. We are not a competitive camp, and do not intimidate our riders by using negative reinforcement.


The camp operates in an easygoing atmosphere, which is the key to raising good-natured horses. Among the activities throughout the Day Camps, our Overnight Campers will enjoy trail rides, explore local horse shows, be a part of organized trips during the weekends. All Campers will be able to enjoy our pool, Yard Games and most importantly our great outdoors.

Each program is customized to the learning capability of each camper. Riders participate in group lessons as well as receive one-on-one instruction from the instructors. This individual attention will promote a better understanding of progress, and will allow campers to work on their skills separately, without disturbance or distraction.

We believe more in pro-active safety rather than reactive safety. At Pony Gang Equestrian Youth Camps, we are very safety-conscious and have an excellent safety record.


Daily camp activities include chores such as feeding the horses and cleaning pastures, a riding lesson in the arena, and instruction in horsemanship. The program uses several manuals as a study guide for the campers. In addition to riding, the girls learn about the care of horses, participate in tacking, washing and grooming. 


How much experience does my child needs in order to enroll into Pony Gang Equestrian Youth Camp?

Here at Pony Gang Equestrian Youth Camps we do not require our campers to have much experience riding horses. On average, we have a mix of abilities, from beginners to experts. With the assistance of the Horseback Riding & Horsemanship Questionnaire, the instructors divide the campers into different groups. The groups ride in different rings within the same riding periods per day. This enables us to determine riding levels and improvements easily. The instructors keep progress reports on each camper and are more than happy to share the results with the parents.


Pony Gang Equestrian Center is a family oriented Facility. The camp keeps a limited enrollment as, statistically, it has been shown that campers receive a more wholesome experience without the intimidation of a large, full of hustle and bustle camp. Kids at our camp receive more attention and are not lost in the shadows of more competitive campers.


 * Day Camps ages 5 - 15 years  / Resident Camps ages 8 -15 years!

What do we offer at our Camps besides Horse activities


What is greater then to end a hot summer day with a jump in the pool to cool down. 

We have a none swimmer area in the pool and kids are always watched by our staff when using the pool. 


Parents have to sign a Waver before kids are aloud to use the Pool. 

Yard Games

We have a lot of super sized Yard Games for the children to play and have fun with. From our Tarp Ball Game over Yard Twister to Tick Tack Toe. 

Stick Horse Rodeo

Together with the children we will art craft some Stick horses and then have a fun time with our Stick Horse Rodeo, where the Kids can Barrel Race, Pole Bend, Arena Race and more with their new companions. 


Do your children enjoy fishing? Well then they have the opportunity  to spend some time on our ponds and catch their own dinner, if they like too. 

Please bring your own fishing rod's. We do not provide any kind of fishing equipment for our Campers. 


Waiver here has to be signed by parents. 

Horse Show visits

We visit local horse shows with the Campers if  available during a Camp week.  

and much much more

Evening Activities for Overnight Campers

Not all of the Evening Activities are covered by the activity fee. We will inform parents about extra cost for the attended week/s

Pony Gang Camp fires

Pony Gang Games and skits

Watch latest movies at the theater in Camden

Pony Gang DVD night

Night mini golf

and much much more