Why a Minimum of two weeks?

1.     Campers usually need the first week to get acquainted with their assigned equines. By the time the week ends, some campers are just starting to progress. It becomes disappointing to our campers when they have to leave, especially when the possibility of an extension is not possible due to our limited enrollment space.


2.     Campers will not be able to participate in all activities the camp offers in one week. while still being able to receive lesson time, there will be rainy days which will not enable campers to engage in all activities on the Facility or off-site such as zip lining. During a 2 week stay, it will be more likely that the weather will improve and the camper will be able to experience everything that the camp offers.


3.     Some children are timid by nature. Here at Pony Gang Youth Camp we cannot force children to progress faster than their abilities and comfort level allows. We strive to move them forward as quickly as possible, however, this strictly depends on the child's psychology and contentment with the environment that surrounds her. It's all about fitting well together, like a puzzle, it can sometimes be challenging.


4.     The transformational experience that our camp offers, cannot occur during shorter sessions. Our goals for children include building improvement in their favorite discipline, determination to learn a new skill, a sense of independence, an ability to cope with challenges and fears, and the self-confidence to be oneself within a group. These goals are not reached quickly.


5.     We also strive to help children develop a variety of skills and provide opportunities to test them in ambitious projects or outings away from Camp.