Pony Gang Camp Kitchen

Everyone looks forward to the Mealtimes at Camp Pony Gang. Here at camp, we ensure that your child will have wholesome meal. Each meal is cooked fresh each day by our staff members. 


Each day we serve a different breakfast. For example: pancakes with syrup or whipped cream and fruits: french toast with whipped cream and syrup; bagels with cream cheese, nutella, strawberry preserves; cereal of their choice; hash browns, scrambled eggs and sausages. 

Milk and Orange Juice are offered. 


Each day we serve a different lunch. For example: home made spaghetti with tomato sauce or meet sauce; chicken nuggets with mashed potatoes/ pasta/ mac n cheese; rice and Meatballs with steamed veggies";  grilled chicken with spiced pasta side, and steamed veggies", "grilled pork with mashed potatoes.

Milk, water and tea are offered.


Each day we serve a different Dinner. For example: salad;  peanut butter and banana PJ;  Hot Dogs;  Home made pizza;  chicken drumsticks & thighs seasoned herbs with fries; Milk, water or tea are offered.


Please inform us if your child has a food allergy or doesn't eats certain foods. 

Thank you!