Payment plan

We are so excited you want your child to become a part of the Pony Gang Camp family! Attending a summer camp truly can be an experience that lasts a lifetime. We know that for many families the cost of attending summer camp can be a financial burden that they might not be able to afford. We have payment plans and multiple child discount to help families send their children to camp.



For those registering online, you will have the option to spread your payment into 3 - 4 payments.


How It Works

  • Register online
  • During checkout you can pick if you want to pay in one payment, two, three or four payments 
  • The first payment will be due with registration, the next payments will be processed automatically the same date the next month and if you picked 4 month then the last payment will be processed in the third month following your registration month.
  • All Camps have to be fully paid before July 1. No exceptions! 

 If you have any questions please contact us!!