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A place where the magic with horses begins and never ends!

Why is an Equestrian Sport a great alternative to other sports?

Horses teach your child/children:

Girls who love horses and horseback riding in Camden, South Carolina


  • Accountability 
  • Compassion
  • Sportsmanship
  • Dependability 
  • Bravery
  • Selflessness
Pony Gang is your place for Horseback riding lessons in Camden SC

The American Equestrian Alliance states that horseback riding can be helpful for children dealing with physical challenges and can help improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility. 


Working with horses can also help a kid to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility through learning horse care and upkeep, while enjoying the sense of freedom riding a horse will bring.   

There is no better place for Horseback riding lessons as Pony Gang in Camden SC

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Equestrian Vaulting

Pony Gang Equestrian Vaulting lesson in Camden South Carolina

Classes will start in September 2020

We offer Horse Vaulting classes in the afternoon 


What is Vaulting? 

Vaulting is also called gymnastic on horseback or gymnastics with horses. 

This sport combines gymnastics, acrobatics, team spirit and love for horses - maybe just the right thing for your child? 

When it comes to equestrian sport, most parents think of riding, jumping, maybe dressage - only a very few think of vaulting. 


If your child loves horses, has a great urge to move and likes action, vaulting can be just the right sport. And if you have concerns about the risk of injury, just watch a training session. You will be amazed at how naturally the little ones climb back on the horse when they tumble down!

Introduction into Trick Riding

Trick riding lesson at Pony Gang in Camden, South Carolina

starting September 2020 


We offer 


- Friday afternoon 1 Course 

- Saturday morning 1 Course


Introductory Course runs for 8 weeks 

September / October 

November / December 

January / February 

March / April 


What is Trick Riding? 

Trick riding, did not actually originate from the United States. It began as a style of riding developed by the famous Cossack soldiers as a war time strategy used to out maneuver enemies on the battlefield. As Cossack generations immigrated to the U.S., trick and fancy riding was immediately adopted by the American cowboy and developed into a rodeo competition. Cowboys and cowgirls would attempt to "out ride" each other for prize money by performing the most dangerous trick on galloping horses. During the mid-20th century, trick and fancy riding became too dangerous as a competition and evolved into a non-competitive demonstration of talent and showmanship.  


With our Introductory Course you are able to try trick riding and see if you would like to learn all aspects of trick riding after this. 

Riding Lessons

Pony Gang Equestrian Services offers a variety of lesson programs five days a week year-round. We have over 25 wonderful lessons horses and ponies to take care of your young beginner or challenge your growing rider. All of our instructors are dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment that promotes accomplishment, self-growth and self-esteem.


Nothing prides us more than sharing our love for horses and watching it shape great individuals in return. 

No Horse Dream is to big at Pony Gang Equestrian Services Camden, SC

We offer Horseback riding lessons, Summer Camps, Pony Ride Parties at our Farm for the Columbia, Camden, Elgin, Lugoff, Hopkins, Cassatt, Hartsville, Sumter, Kershaw,  Springdale, West Columbia, Boykin, Rembert, Bishopville area