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Our Horseback riding School & Camps with Horseback Riding

We are an Horse riding lessons stable where the magic with horses begins but never ends!

Pony Gang Equestrian Services is a Horseback Riding School that is located in the Columbia SC area that offers Horse riding lessons and Horse camps that are available for beginners up to accomplish equestrians ages 2.5 years and up. We take pride in our horse riding lesson and our riding academy program. We offer group and private through our western riding lessons and English riding lessons. We have something for everyone and love to teach all skill levels. 


We would love to have YOU come ride with us!

Why is Horse Riding a great alternative to other sports? 

Girl who love horses & horseback riding in Hopkins, South Carolina

Horses will teach your child/children:

  • Accountability 
  • Compassion
  • Sportsmanship
  • Dependability 
  • Bravery
  • Selflessness

The American Equestrian Alliance states that horseback riding can be helpful for children dealing with physical challenges and can help improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility. 

Working with horses can also help a child to gain confidence and a sense of responsibility through learning horse care and upkeep, while enjoying the sense of freedom riding a horse will bring. 

Our Riding Lessons Columbia Programs

English Riding Riding Lessons

Girl is riding english at lesson

Western Riding Lessons

Student is riding lessons horse western

Toddler Riding Lessons

Tiny tot rider is learning the basics about horseback riding

Fun time for girls at Pony Gang Horseback riding camps

Horse Camps & Summer Horse Camps South Carolina

We are the most craziest horseback riding camp in the nation

During the school breaks we offer Day Horse camps and overnight Horse camps for horse crazy girls that cannot get enough time with their beloved 4-legged friends. 


Our history and our small set up set us apart from other private Horseback riding camps. Our limited number of  campers enrollment allows us to ensure the "family" atmosphere that is so important for us. Relationships that are developing through all ages of campers and not just within their own age group. 


Pony Gang Horse Riding Camp offers a fun environment that helps to build self-confidence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Our team members are wholesome role models who share common values and are dedicated to children. Our offered activities challenge and interest every camper. 


Pony Gang Equestrian Services and Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp offering a facility that is oriented to the most natural way of horse keeping with exciting programs, delicious home-cooked meals, horse experienced staff and a family environment conductive to a fun-filled, learning camp experience.