Horseback Riding Camp for Girls

A Sleepaway Horse Riding Camp & Day Horse Camp

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Pony Gang Summer Camp - where the horse crazy kids go to camp

We are a place where horse crazy kids go to Horseback riding camp to have the best time of their life!  

 Crazy Girl enjoying horse Summer Camp

We are a private horseback riding summer camp  and offer each year a girls only sleepaway horse camp  and day horse riding camp for girls ages 7* - 15 years. We also offer 2 weeks during the summer a camp for boys and girls ages 5**-12 years. 


Since the summer of 2022 is our horse riding camp located at our new location in Hopkins South Carolina.


Our history of  offering an affordable horse camp and our set up at our new location sets us apart from other girls summer camps. Limiting our campers enrollment allows us to offer your daughter the best camp experience in a Equestrian Camp that emphasize the "family" atmosphere we feel is so important for campers. Relationships develop among all ages not just within the campers own age group. 


Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp offers a fun environment that helps to build self-confidence, self-awareness and self-acceptance. Our team members are wholesome role models who share common values and are dedicated to children. Our offered activities challenge and interest every camper. 


Pony Gang Farm is a facility that is oriented to the most natural way of horse keeping with exciting programs, delicious home-cooked meals, horse experienced staff and a family environment conductive to a fun-filled, learning camp experience. 


*girls that turn 7 in the year of camp (born 2016)

** boys and girls that are already 5 years old or turn 5 before July 2023


• Horsemanship • Stable management • Horse Care • Horseback Riding  Beginner Equestrian Vaulting •  Beginner Trick Riding • Trail Riding • Arts & Crafts   Ballgames • Nature • Farm Animal care • and so much more.....

Spring Girls Camp 2025

Spring Girls Camp by Pony Gang Equestrian Services

We had planned a Spring Camp, but due to personal reasons we had to cancel our spring camp for the years of 2023 and 2024, but we will be back in 2025. 


We apologize and hope for your understanding. 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 2023

mother & daughter at horse camp

The mother & daughter horse camp offers quality time for both to grow, all while doing crafts, horseback riding, vaulting, trick riding, sitting around a campfire and going on a trail ride. 


Take a break from the busyness of everyday life and getaway to our remote farm setting.  

Summer Girls Camp 2023

horse crazy girls to spend a week or two weeks  around

6 weeks out of the year, we are opening our farm for horse crazy girls to spend a week or two weeks  around their 4-legged friends.  

Riding, Games, Trick Riding, Vaulting, grooming and so much more around horses. 


Winter Girls Camp 2023

Winter Girls Camp by Pony Gang Equestrian Services

After a successful run of our first Winter Camp last year  will we be offering our second run of this camp in 2023. We offer a fun time to the end of the year for our horse crazy campers with everything our Summer Camps have to offer and so much more, like our "Ride under the Stars". 

Frequently asked Horse Camp Questions

Can I bring my own horse?

No. for mostly health and logistical reasons, we do not allow outside horses to come to Pony Gang Farm. 


Can I bring my own helmet and boots? 

Yes! We recommend that you have your own fitted helmet and riding boots, but we are happy to provide you with a helmet if needed for a weekly charge. 


Can I bring my own tack or grooming supplies to camp?

No. All of our horses have their own tack and grooming supplies already. The tack is perfectly sized and fitted to each of our horses and ready to go. 


Do we ride English or Western? 

We offer both riding styles here at Pony Gang Farm and so camper can choice what she wants to ride during her lessons but campers will get to experience of bareback riding as well. 


Will we spend every lesson jumping? 

No. Our program is designed to build fundamental skills, and includes a range of lessons and drills. Campers can look forward to a good variety of riding. 


How do you assign riding groups? 

In addition to the Riding forms, our trainers will interview campers when they arrive asking about their riding experience, the horses ridden in the past, and their individual needs, preferences and goals. We also have a short quiz that helps us to assign each camper to the correct lessons group. 


What if it rains? 

As long as it is only a light drizzle we will still have lessons. Should it be downpouring then we will see that we get our lessons in after the rain ends. But sometimes we are unable to do a horse lesson because of the weather, we apologize in advance should it happen to you. We will have alternatives ready to still work with campers on their riding with our barrel and balance horses in addition horse simulator 


What if it is too hot? 

This depends on the heat index. For the heat index you add temperature and humidity together. 

We have to avoid heat stress or heat stroke for our horses because this could be life-threatening for them. For example, if the temperature outside is 80 degrees and the humidity is 50%:, the heat index number is 130 - so we could ride. 

  • Less than 130: Horses can be ridden if proper hydration is provided to them at all points 
  • 130 - 150: Be cautious. The horse's ability to cool itself will be compromised by the heat and humidity. 
  • 160 or above: No riding, because it takes only about 15 minutes of moderate exercise to raise our horse's body temperature to a dangerous, potentially life-threatening level.

It could be that on some days we will push the lessons to a very early time or a later in the evening time to ensure our horses will be okay. 


What is the food like? 

So good! Our camp kitchen makes just about everything from scratch, and we can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. 


Where will campers sleep at camp? 

All of our campers will bunk together in our 768Sqft wooden cabin. The cabin has 3 bedrooms. 


What if my daughter is a beginner rider with no previous horse experience? 

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our camp weeks and teach you all there is to know about horses and their care. Our camp is not only specialized in riders with previous experience but we also love to teach beginner girl riders all about correct and balanced riding.