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We are a place where horse crazy people go to Horseback riding camp to have the best time of their life!  

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We are your location for "horse riding camp near me" needs

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, a vibrant division of Pony Gang Equestrian Services, is your gateway to a summer filled with excitement, learning, and magical moments, all set in the beautiful countryside of Hopkins, South Carolina. Here, we're not just a horseback riding camp; we're a summer adventure waiting to happen, offering a wide array of programs for every young equestrian enthusiast. If you're on the hunt for a "horse riding camp near me" that's both affordable and exceptional, or perhaps a specialized horseback riding camp that goes above and beyond, look no further!


Our diverse program includes everything from girls-only sleepaway horse camps, catering to ages 6-14, to day horse riding camps that welcome both boys and girls also catering to ages 6 - 14 years, providing the perfect opportunity for campers to dive into the equestrian world.


Our Tiny Tot camps invite the youngest horse lovers, ages 3-5, to experience the magic of their first horseback ride.


But the fun doesn't end there! We've crafted unique experiences such as mother-daughter retreats, adult Wine & Ride camps that mix equestrian activities with relaxation, and seasonal camps to ensure the equestrian spirit thrives all year round. From Sleepaway Camp Columbia to the cozy corners of our farm, every aspect of our program is designed to spark joy and foster a sense of community.


Since making Hopkins our home in 2022, Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp has stood out as an affordable horse camp choice for families looking for quality without the high price tag. Our commitment to maintaining small group sizes cultivates a warm "family" atmosphere, encouraging friendships that span across age groups and last a lifetime.


Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp transcends the typical horse camp experience. It's a place where campers not only learn to ride but also grow in confidence, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. Our dedicated team, devotion to natural horse care, and varied program ensure a nurturing environment that encourages every camper to explore, learn, and have a ton of fun. Get ready to saddle up at Pony Gang Farm for an unforgettable horseback riding summer that perfectly blends affordability with the enchanting allure of South Carolina.

• Horsemanship • Stable management • Horse Care  Horseback Riding  Beginner Equestrian Vaulting •  Beginner Trick Riding • Trail Riding • Arts & Crafts   Ballgames • Nature • Farm Animal care • and so much more.....

Horseback Riding Camps we offer:

Spring Camp

Girl at camp is grooming a horse

Jump into fun at our horse camp in Columbia, where 6 to 14-year-olds embark on daily horseback adventures! Spring Camp Columbia is your go-to for an exhilarating blend of riding lessons, equestrian arts, crafts, and comprehensive horse care. With vaulting, trick riding, and more, every day is a new journey into the world of horsemanship and creativity. Get ready for a week brimming with laughter, learning, and the enchanting magic of horses. Don’t miss out—book your unforgettable horseback riding camp experience for Spring Break now!

Summer Overnight Camp

Girl is riding in a camp lesson

Embark on a summer of excitement and bonds at our Summer Overnight Horse Camp Columbia! Perfect for young horse enthusiasts, our Summer Camp Columbia offers an unrivaled sleepaway horseback riding camp adventure. Dive into a world where majestic horses become your child's best friends and guides to learning, growth, and fun. This Summer Horse Camp is all about horseplay, trail adventures, and mastering the art of horse care. Gear up for a magical journey in 2024, filled with laughter, learning, and endless horseback fun!

Summer Day Camp

 Get ready for the ride of your life at our Summer Day Horse Camp Columbia! Perfect for horse-loving kids, our Summer Camp Columbia in Richland County, South Carolina, delivers an unmatched day horseback riding camp experience. Filled with exhilarating riding lessons, hands-on stable care, and endless equestrian fun, Pony Gang's "Horse Craziest Camp" promises a summer packed with adventure and smiles. Buckle up for a 2024 summer horse camp that's bound to be unforgettable!



Tiny Tot Camps

Embark on a magical 5-day adventure with our Tiny Tot Camp, where the sun shines bright, and ponies become your little one's best friends! Tailored for the youngest equestrians, ages three to five, our camp for young kids, ages 3-5 year-olds, is a wonderland of horse, pony, and unicorn dreams. Through engaging games, creative crafts, and gentle riding experiences, we offer a delightful entry into the equestrian world. Join us in 2024 to create unforgettable summer memories!


Mother Daughter Weekends

Step into a weekend of enchantment at our Mother Daughter Horse Camp, where magical bonds flourish alongside a shared love for horses. Moms, aunts, and grandmas, whisk away your girls to our Mother Daughter Retreat for a weekend in nature's embrace. Dive into a world of riding, trail explorations, and trick riding adventures, crafting memories that last a lifetime. Spaces fill up fast for this exclusive Mother Daughter Weekend, so sign up soon for an unforgettable escape at Pony Gang Farm!

Wine & Ride

Toast to adventure at our Wine & Ride Weekend, the ultimate camp for adults seeking a blend of equestrian excitement and relaxation! Our Adult Horse Camp in 2024 offers an unforgettable journey with thrilling horseback riding, engaging trick workshops, and exhilarating equestrian vaulting. As the sun sets, unwind by the bonfire, wine in hand, embracing a night of warmth and friendship. Reserve your place now for a weekend filled with horses, wine, and unforgettable moments!


Winter Day Camp

Celebrate the season with Winter Horse Camp and Christmas break Horseback Riding Camp at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp! This Girls Sleepaway Camp offers a winter paradise of horseback fun and festive spirit. With limited spots, hurry to ensure your child joins us for this one-of-a-kind winter adventure. It's more than just riding; it's a journey of leadership, creativity, and confidence building. Embrace a winter filled with learning, laughter, and memories that last a lifetime!

Winter Overnight Camp

Get ready for a magical Winter Horse Camp and Christmas Break Horseback Riding Camp at Pony Gang in 2024! After two spectacular seasons, we're back to fill your daughter's winter days with sunshine, fun, and plenty of horse time. Our Day Camp goes beyond the ordinary, fostering leadership, creativity, and confidence through the joy of horseback riding. Gear up for a year-end filled with new skills, endless laughter, and memories that will warm your heart all winter long!

Frequently asked Horse Camp Questions

Can I bring my own horse?

No. for mostly health and logistical reasons, we do not allow outside horses to come to Pony Gang Farm. 


Can I bring my own helmet and boots? 

Yes! We recommend that you have your own fitted helmet and riding boots, but we are happy to provide you with a helmet if needed for a weekly charge. 


Can I bring my own tack or grooming supplies to camp?

No. All of our horses have their own tack and grooming supplies already. The tack is perfectly sized and fitted to each of our horses and ready to go. 


Do we ride English or Western? 

We offer both riding styles here at Pony Gang Farm and so camper can choice what she wants to ride during her lessons but campers will get to experience of bareback riding as well. 


Will we spend every lesson jumping? 

No. Our program is designed to build fundamental skills, and includes a range of lessons and drills. Campers can look forward to a good variety of riding. 


How do you assign riding groups? 

In addition to the Riding forms, our trainers will interview campers when they arrive asking about their riding experience, the horses ridden in the past, and their individual needs, preferences and goals. We also have a short quiz that helps us to assign each camper to the correct lessons group. 


What if it rains? 

As long as it is only a light drizzle we will still have lessons. Should it be downpouring then we will see that we get our lessons in after the rain ends. But sometimes we are unable to do a horse lesson because of the weather, we apologize in advance should it happen to you. We will have alternatives ready to still work with campers on their riding with our barrel and balance horses in addition horse simulator 


What if it is too hot? 

This depends on the heat index. For the heat index you add temperature and humidity together. 

We have to avoid heat stress or heat stroke for our horses because this could be life-threatening for them. For example, if the temperature outside is 80 degrees and the humidity is 50%:, the heat index number is 130 - so we could ride. 

  • Less than 130: Horses can be ridden if proper hydration is provided to them at all points 
  • 130 - 150: Be cautious. The horse's ability to cool itself will be compromised by the heat and humidity. 
  • 170 or above: No riding, because it takes only about 15 minutes of moderate exercise to raise our horse's body temperature to a dangerous, potentially life-threatening level.

It could be that on some days we will push the lessons to a very early time or a later in the evening time to ensure our horses will be okay. 


What is the food like? 

So good! Our camp kitchen makes just about everything from scratch, and we can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs. 


Where will campers sleep at camp? 

All of our campers will bunk together in our 768Sqft wooden cabin. The cabin has 3 bedrooms. 


What if my daughter is a beginner rider with no previous horse experience? 

We would be happy to welcome you to one of our camp weeks and teach you all there is to know about horses and their care. Our camp is not only specialized in riders with previous experience but we also love to teach beginner girl riders all about correct and balanced riding. 


Will my camper do barn chores and if how much time will they spend on this? 

Yes, campers will engage in barn chores as part of their daily activities. It's essential for any equestrian to learn the ins and outs of horse care. These tasks, including feeding, filling up water buckets and cleaning stalls, are crucial for understanding the responsibility of horse ownership. However, all chores are designed to be manageable and educational, taking no longer than one hour per day. This ensures campers have plenty of time for riding and other fun activities while gaining valuable skills in horse care.