Working at Pony Gang Camp in 2024

Working at our summer camp is an incredible and life-canging experience. From senior counselors and junior counselors, to counselor in training and program coordinator, every staff member as the unique opportunity to share the love of Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp with our campers as they experience the magic of our wonderful farm. 


Come work at the most horse craziest camp out there. You will make lifelong friendships and be changed for the better. 

Work hard - play harder

Imagine summer days filled with endless adventures, exciting challenges and unbridled fun. Now imagine sharing those days with up to twenty happy campers who admire you, look up to you and depend on you as both a leader and a friend. 


Whether you're screamin for joy as you are playing Water games, or you're cheering on your campers as you play games together, every moment of every day at camp is filled with countless opportunities to play with, encourage and positively impact the life of a child. 


At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, we relay on a devoted group of staff to make this summer an experience of a lifetime for our campers. A summer at Pony Gang Farm can be the most rewarding and most enjoyable job you will ever have. 


We invite you to join our team and experience the life-changing wonder of Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp!


What should you expect

  • Competitive Salary
  • Housing
  • Laundry Service
  • Incredible Food with accomadations for food allergies and dietary needs
  • Time - Off for resting & exploring!
  • To make lifelong friends
  • To try new things and conquer your fears!
  • To laugh a LOT … even if it’s at yourself!
  • To learn from your campers and peers!
  • To not want to leave (and to count down the days until you return!)

What should you not expect

  • A standard 9-5 job.
  • To often find yourself bored and alone with little to do.
  • To leisurely enjoy our wonderful farm and horses as if you were on vacation.

Typical Day at Camp

To be honest, with all the adventure, excitement and unexpected surprises at camp, there’s no such thing as a “typical” day … but we’ve tried our best to outline a normal schedule. We hope this helps you have a better understanding of what to (mostly) expect from a day in the life of a camp counselor!


07:00 am: Wake-up campers

08:30 am: Breakfast

08:45 am: Stable and Barn management 

10:00 am: Horse Activity 1

11:00 am : Break & Snack time - Treat store open 

11:30 am: Horse Activity 2

12:30 pm: Horse Activity 3

01:30 pm: Lunch


01:45 pm: Campers free time

02:45 pm: Rider Fitness 

03:15 pm: Horse Activity 4

04:00 pm: Daily changing activity 

05:00 pm: Stable and Barn management 

05:45 pm: Cabin and Dinning hall clean up 

06:15 pm: Dinner

06:45 pm: Campers free time 


07:45 pm: Evening Activity

09:00 pm: Cabin Reflection and quiet down time

09:45 pm: Lights out 

10:00 pm: Night time

11:00 pm: All staff has to be in the cabin. 

What other Camp Counselors have to say

"Working at camp is one of the most demanding jobs I think I may ever have, but it’s also the most rewarding job I think I may ever have. Not only are the friendships with other staff members special, but the bonds and relationships that can be built with campers (and their siblings, and families, even) is something I’ll always cherish. I got to witness the growth in several kids, but the coolest part about witnessing that growth, is being able to know that I played a small part in that growth."

A Team like no other

Our team members are young women of courage, honesty, integrity and faith whose utmost goal is to help instill these values in those around them. As a member of the Pony Gang Summer Camp team, your mission is simple; to love our campers and positively impact their lives.


Devoted. hard-working Candidates

While there are exciting adventures, individual benefits and monetary compensations aplenty, being on staff at Pony Gang means long hours, hard-work and dedication. We know this job will be challenging and at times exhausting, but an unyielding commitment to our campers from every individual staff member is essential.

Compassionate Role models

In each of our camp week units at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp we seek to encourage inclusion and selflessness from our campers. As a staff member at Pony Gang, we expect you to lead by example – putting others first, living selflessly and prioritizing the needs of our campers above all else.

Strong moral characters

Each of our staff members is held to the highest possible standard. We hire only respectful individuals who conduct themselves in such a way that upholds the values we support and promote at camp.

Interested in becoming a Team member? 

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