Equine based Homeschool Program

Horses helping children
Horseback riding is fun

In September 2017, Pony Gang Equestrian Services in Camden started to offer a Homeschool Program to Homeschool parents that is based on a completely different concept than our regular horseback riding program.


With this special program, we are able to offer you as Homeschool parents in the Camden, Columbia and Sumter area  not only a place for your child/children to take horseback riding lessons, we are opening the door to so much more for your children. 


Pony Gang has started this program with YOUR horse loving child and youth in mind, because children learn easier and better when you find something they love and build an educational program around it. Our program will cover many of the important academic disciplines and combines them with critical life-skills. 

Horses will give you confidence

Physical education (horseback riding, groundwork, and conditioning for riding) are clearly the biggest part of the Pony Gang Homeschool program, but also the science of horseback riding and horses themselves will be part of it in our classroom lesson and as longer your child will attend our program as more school subjects will we touch during classroom time*. For example history, social studies, literature, math and creative writing, and art.  All this areas will be related to horses and horseback riding. We will also focus on life-skills and character development.


The program will be taught from August - May and will be on break during the Summer time.  But students are more as welcome to keep taking their lessons during the summer.


But your commitment has to be made for this full time of the regular program  


37 Lesson = 10 Month = $ 140 a month*


The tuition will be charged as an automated monthly tuition payment.


If students want to continue after the first year program (it is our goal for them not only to learn but most importantly to enjoy it), we will keep the same class going forward in the next program season. 


We need a minimum of 3 children to start a new group with a max. of 6 children per class.

Homeschool Class

The Equine based Homeschool program for horse loving boys and girls in the age of 7 - 16 years interested in riding lessons based on Hunter / Jumper / English and Western riding will contain the following

  • Access to Online Learning Platform 
  • 60-75 minutes hands-on-horse group lesson (getting horses from pasture, grooming, tacking up, riding lesson, untack and after care of horses). 

Children will get placed in classes based on riding ability. 


Total Beginner rider will share a horse for the beginning of the program. This has two effects

a) they learn how to handle the horse from the ground (leading & control)

b) the riders can concentrate on themselves (like they would do on the lunge line in our regular beginner lessons), learn the correct seat, balance and body control. 


Confident beginners, will go on the lunge line and learn trotting, posting and controlling the speed and gait of the horse through their seat and leg aids.  


Advanced riders will receive their own horse and advance their riding skills. 



Registration for 2021/2022 Season is now open !!


Classes start back up week of August 16, 2021



2 pm



2 pm 


2 pm



10 am

 11:30 am 

2 pm  


*As long as you see the class on our Registration site

there are still spots open in the prefered class. 

** Our monthly Tuition price is based on 37 lesson for the season (10 Month) with a break for 1 week during Thanksgiving and 2 weeks during Christmas/New Years and 1 week during Spring break.


During Sign up you will be charged for the first month tuition to safe your spot. Starting September 1 you will be charged every first of the month , with the last payment on May 1. 

Program goes on Summer break June an July. It will start back up in August with the new season. 


You have the opportunity to sign up for our Summer Homeschool lessons program if you interested and we recommend thinking about it, because this way your child/children stay/s in this sport and keep/s improving.

Talk to your trainer about it. 



We offer our Homeschool program to you for a discounted tuition price, because it runs to an off time in our program

- your child will receive full access to our Online learning platform


Please understand that because of this already reduced price we are unable to give any other discounts like for siblings or military in the future.


Thank you for your understanding