Homeschool Program 2019

Starting January 2019, we will be offering a new Homeschool Program to you based on a completely different concept than our program used to be. 

With this change, we are able to offer parents from homeschool children not only the opportunity for their child/children to take horseback riding lessons, we are opening the door to so much more. 



Equine based interdisciplInary Homeschool Program


We are starting this program with YOUR horse loving youth in mind, because children learn easier and better when you find something they love and build an educational program around it. 


Our program will cover many of the important academic disciplines and combines them with critical life-skills. 


Physical education (horseback riding, groundwork, and conditioning for riding) are clearly a big part of the program, but also science, social studies, literature, math and creative writing, and art.  But we  will also focus on life-skills and character development.


The program will be taught from September - May and will be on break during the Summer. Each block will be 8-weeks long, with one lessons day each week. There will be a 30-45 minute class room lecture along with a 60-90 minutes hands-on-horse lesson (getting horses from pasture, grooming, tacking up, 30-45 minute riding lesson, untack and after care of horses).  Children will get placed in classes according to age and ability. Riders of all levels and ages 8-15 are welcome to join.


If students want to continue after the initial 8 weeks (it is our goal for them not only to learn but most importantly to enjoy it), we will keep the same class going forward. 


We need a minimum of 6 children of the same age range to start a new group.