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5 - Day Camp 

$ 450

a camper


April 1 - April 5, 2024

9:00 am - 2:00 pm 

(Lunch included)


camp equestrian

Our Spring Horse Day Camp is a magical equestrian adventure for kids, available from Monday to Friday, enhanced by the inclusion of prepared lunches. This camp is ideal for those looking for "horseback riding camps near me," catering to beginners and intermediate riders alike. It's a week packed with horseback riding, thrilling trick riding, vaulting lessons, engaging barn activities, and charming horse crafts.


Every day, the camp equestrian embarks on lively horseback riding activity, tailored for beginner to intermediate levels. Led by expert instructors, the focus is on teaching correct body positioning, accurate use of riding aids, and steering proficiency. The week is rounded off with fun riding games, infusing enjoyment into the learning process and ensuring that every participant gains not just skill, but also unforgettable memories and a deeper love for horseback riding at our horseback camps. 

Beginner Trick Riding Lessons Daily: Dive into the exciting world of trick riding with our camp's daily sessions for beginners. Starting with the basics on a barrel horse, campers progressively move to mastering tricks on standing and eventually, moving horses. This step-by-step approach offers an exhilarating entry into trick riding.


Daily Beginner Lessons in Equestrian Vaulting: Join us for beginner lessons in the elegant sport of equestrian vaulting. Beginning on a barrel before advancing to a standing and then a moving horse, campers explore the beauty and discipline of vaulting, enhancing their balance, coordination, and adding an extraordinary aspect to their equestrian skills.


Engaging Barn Activities: Our campers enjoy a variety of barn activities that enrich their understanding of all things equestrian. From tack exploration and ground handling to learning about horse breeds, colors, anatomy, and the essentials of grooming and health care, these activities round out their horsemanship knowledge.

Creative Horse Crafts and Daily Snacks: Each day concludes with a creative horse-themed craft, allowing campers to express their passion for horses, followed by a delicious snack to end the day on a high note.


Our Camp Philosophy: At the heart of our program is the goal to instill in children a sense of safety and confidence around horses. We aim to lay a foundation of thorough horsemanship that extends beyond just riding. With the guidance of our dedicated instructors, we ensure a nurturing and fun-filled environment, making every day a step forward in their equestrian adventure.

Enroll your child in our Spring Horse Day Camp for a week of laughter, learning, and the magic of horses. Secure their spot today and let the equestrian adventure begin!

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