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Fun & Friends plus Camps Horseback Riding Await You This Summer At Our Sleepaway Horse Camp

Our Summer Horseback Riding Camps are the hit for horse loving girls every year and fill up fast

We fulfill all your "summer horse camps near me" needs

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Summer Horse Camps for Kids and Teens at a price you can afford!

Getting ready for a trail ride at Pony Gang Camp

If your child is CRAZY about horses and ponies, than our horseback riding summer camp is perfect, because it is specially-designed with your child in mind. 


A regular Sleepaway Horse Summer Camp is not offering enough horse time? No!


Don't worry, there are more horse activities here at the most "Horse Craziest Camp" ever, then you see in any other Camp.  Girls will spend most of their day with horse related activities. For the afternoon we offer our campers great daily changing fun and team building activities. 


This will keep each day exciting and helps the girls to learn new skills. 

Western riding at camp is safe for beginners and advanced riders

If your child has a passion for horses, excitement, and enjoyment, Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp - Equestrian Camp - is the ideal destination. In our summer pony camp for girls, she'll delve into the world of these majestic animals, acquiring invaluable skills and forming enduring connections with both humans and horses.


There's magical essence in bounding with a beautiful horse and gaining new insights. Horseback riding instills in kids confidence, self-discipline, and respect. While horse riding is just one facet of most summer camps at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, we exclusively focus on providing a summer camp centered around horses. 


We take pride in presenting an unparalleled overnight horse camp experience. 


Let's saddle up!

And have your daughter join us for one of our sleepaway summer camps in the 2024 season. 


Embark her on a immersive journey into horsemanship, games on horseback, trail riding and horse care at our Overnight Summer Horse Camp for girls. Let her be delighted in a plethora of enjoyable activities that go beyond the ordinary. 




Everything begins with the Love of horses!

Western or English?

We ride both here at Pony Gang 


That's it! Perhaps it's a fascination with their beauty or intrigue about their mystery. Unlike many camps in the US that rent their horse herd only for the summer, we maintain our own herd year-round serving all of our offered camps and our lessons program throughout the rest of the year. This ensures our horses are well-prepared for our campers in the summer. It allows us to be closely acquainted with their dispositions, maintain direct control over their well-being, and, most importantly, guarantee that we have the finest horses and ponies for our campers and counselors alike.

Activities during the week at the Sleepaway Horseback Riding Camp

Daily Horseback Riding Program

Different riding activities at horse overnight camp

Campers with prior experience in Western riding and Hunter/English riding, ranging from Novice to intermediate levels, will partake in daily group riding sessions with a variety of activities. These activities include riding in the arena, trail riding, bareback riding, and horseback games, ensuring an engaging experience.


For beginners with little to no riding experience, we'll organize two distinct groups. These groups will focus on developing a balanced and independent seat. Participants will learn how to effectively move the horse by utilizing aids correctly and understanding their application.

Daily Vaulting & Trick Riding Program

vaulting & trick riding at a sleepaway horse camp

Get ready to elevate your equestrian skills with our fantastic Vaulting activity! Added to our camp program in 2020, Vaulting is designed to boost your balance, confidence, flexibility, and body control. We start at the beginner level, first mastering the art on our trusty wooden horse. From there, we advance to the standing and then walking horse on the lunge line, following the exciting learning steps of Equestrian vaulters. Get ready for a group lesson full of fun and progress!


But that's not all – introducing our Trick Riding activity!  It's not just about horseback riding; it's an adventure that enhances body control, flexibility, confidence, and self-belief. Get ready for an entertaining and popular activity that adds a dash of excitement to your camp experience!

Daily Horse Care and Barn Management

Our campers embark on an enlightening journey into the world of Barn and Stable Management at our camp! This immersive experience allows our campers to delve into the responsibilities of horse ownership and care. Discover the intricacies of equine care firsthand, realizing that it involves dedication and effort. Get ready for a rewarding adventure that not only unveils the challenges but also highlights the sheer enjoyment that comes with the care of these magnificent animals!


Daily Horsemanship Workshop

Embark on a journey of knowledge in our Horsemanship classes where campers master vital skills, including first aid and health checks—learning to take a horse's heart rate and check hydration levels.

Experience exclusive weeks with visits from professionals such as vets, dentists, and farriers. Delve into the intricacies of show preparation, bathing horses, and a myriad of other exciting activities. Join us for an educational and engaging exploration into the world of horse care!

Other Activities

you can find different activities at horse camps

Every Day of the week we will have changing activities they range from water games to ball games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunt, horseshow without horses, and so much more will be on our schedule for 2024.


Highlights for upcoming season:

We will install a small zip line and a gaga ball court. Our arts and crafts will have open access during free times for the campers to pick what they would like to do.

Night time Activities

Different Night time activities are planned for camp

As the sun sets, get ready for evenings filled with diverse activities! From icebreaker games on the first night to horse bingo, jeopardy, and movie night, each evening promises a unique and entertaining experience.


Exciting update for 2024: Movie night will be a whole new adventure! We're setting up an outdoor movie theater, creating a magical atmosphere for our campers to enjoy cinematic delights under the stars.

Daily Schedule at Sleepaway Horse Camp


07:45 am Wake up Call

08:30 am Breakfast

09:00 am Start riding activities

11:30 am Trick riding and Vaulting lesson

01:00 pm Lunch

01:30 pm Horsemanship class

02:00 pm Stable management

03:00 pm Free time (a supervised but unstructured period where the girls can work on small art projects, write home, read a book, chat with each other, play games, etc.)

04:00 pm Afternoon activity (daily changing)

05:00 pm Cabin clean up and shower time

06:30 pm Dinner

07:00 pm Free time

07:30 pm Evening activities

09:00 pm Cabin time

09:30 pm Light out

Dates & Prices for 2024 Overnight Girls Camp 


June 9 - June 15, 2024

June 16 - June 22, 2024

June 23 - June 29, 2024

June 30 - July 6, 2024

July 8 - July 13, 2024

Drop off: Sunday: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Pick up Saturday: 11:00 am


Don't let your child spend her school breaks indoors and at the screen!


Let her come, learn with us and have the summer of a lifetime! 


All levels of riders, beginners and the experts are welcome!


No horse experience is needed to participate in our summer camp.


Get your child outside to spend time with their friends, make new friends, experience horses and other outdoor activities!


Don't wait register her today for our Pony Gang Horse Crazy Summer Camp! 


Registration for Camp season 2024 is still open!!


Hurry to safe your spot for one of our Camp weeks, because our camp fills up fast each year. 


So, if you plan to have your daughter be part of an amazing summer experience, don't wait any longer to register her!