Horsemanship Group lesson in Columbia SC area

for Homeschooler Students & Public School Students alike that not only want to learn riding horses but how to care for them

In January 2023 Pony Gang Equestrian Services has started a new program for beginner rider ages 7 years - 15 years with no previous horseback riding experience. 


The program will run as a monthly subscription class with one 60 minute weekly lesson.


During this class students learn in a group setting with other students and our trainers the basics  there is to know about horses, horse care and riding horses. The class has its main focus on horsemanship training not on horseback riding. 


Students will learn all aspects about horses and horsemanship lessons and how to get their horse ready on their own. 


Please see information what all be part of this class below. 


This class can be taken until students know how to ride in a balanced and independent seat in a walk/trot/posting trot on the lunge line. After this students that like to continue lessons will have to move to our regular lessons program where the main focus is on riding. 


a student per month

(1 lesson a week / 4 lessons a month)

What are the Benefits of an Equestrian Sport?

Social Benefits 

- Confidence

- Self discipline 

- Sense of responsibility

- Independence 

- Focus and control

- Patience level 

- Empathy

- Stress relieve 

Physical Education 

- Balance 

- Motor coordination 

- Muscle development

- Flexibility

- Posture 

- Hand-eye Coordination

- Core strength

- Body awareness

Other Benefits

- Accountability 

- Compassion 

- Sportsmanship

- Dependability

- Bravery 

- Selflessness 

- Camaraderie

- and much more.... 

What will we all teach during horsemanship lesson class?

Our classes will happen on the ground and on horseback. 

2 students will share a horse!

Class runs for 60 minutes total 

Horse Behaviour 

Students learn how to read their horses or ponies moods to ensure they stay safe interacting with them. 

Approaching & Haltering

Students learn how to approach a horse and stay safe and how to halter them. 

Leading a horse 

Students learn how to correctly and safely lead a horse. 

Grooming a horse

Students learn why we groom horses and how to do this in safe and correct way. 

Tacking & Untacking

Students learn how to tack up english and western. Also learning how to take it back off. 

Adjusting stirrups

Students learn how to adjust their stirrups on a western and english saddle. Also why it is important to get it correct.

Mounting & Dismounting

Students learn how to mount western and english saddle and how to dismount correctly. 

Correct Seat

Students will learn the correct riding position in western and english and why it this is so important.

Correct Riding

Students will learn how to correctly move with the horse and why it is so important. 

On the lunge line

All basics of riding will be teached on the lunge line, so that student can concentrate on them- selfes and don't hurt the horse unattentional. 

Exercises on horseback

Students will learn their correct position and balance on horseback through different exercises. 

Tack care

Students will learn how to take care of their used tack after riding. 


Students learn that caring for horses does not ends after riding, that we also have to take care of their other needs. 


What does a horse eats and what are their other nutrion needs. 

Side by side

Students learn what it means to be a partner to their horse and work together in harmony.  


Students learn how to work with horses and ponies on the ground incl. trail work

Classes will be held




No class offered




11:00 AM

05:00 PM




No class offered 



11:00 AM 

02:00 PM

*best to give us a call before signing up to ensure we have room in the class you are looking into. Thank you!

What do you need for this class?

- You can borrow a riding helmet from us for the first sets of classes, but if you continue to ride with us riders need to purchase their own helmet. 

- Shoes that will go over the ankles and have a 1 1/2 inch heel (no bulky hikking shoes please). The shoes need to give stablity to the ankles, so rain boots or knee high dress boots are not a good coice. No zippers on the inside of the leg, because they can cause damage to our tack. 

- A pair of leggings or jeans pants are good for the beginning. But if you continue you need to buy correct riding appereal.