Horsemanship Group lesson in Columbia SC area

Discover Equestrian Excellence: Join Our Horseback Riding School in Columbia, SC

Excitement is in the air at Pony Gang Equestrian Services as we proudly expand our equestrian training offerings. With the introduction of our comprehensive Horsemanship Program, we're opening doors to a more profound understanding of equine care for all our students. Whether you're seeking beginner horseback riding lessons near me or looking to refine your skills, our weekly sessions are tailored to provide an immersive learning experience.


Designed by experienced horse instructors, our Horsemanship Program delves deep into the essentials of horse care and management. Our aim is to establish a respectful and empathetic connection between horse and rider, recognizing that true horsemanship transcends mere riding proficiency. This program is your pathway to becoming a well-rounded equestrian, equipped with knowledge and compassion.


Each one-hour weekly session blends theoretical insights with practical horsemanship. Students will explore horse anatomy, nutrition, and health care, while also mastering grooming, tack care, and stable management. We go further to include the psychological understanding of horses, empowering our riders to interpret equine body language and interact with confidence and sensitivity.


Our commitment to fostering responsible and informed equestrians is at the heart of this program. We believe that a holistic education in horsemanship is fundamental to a safe and enjoyable equestrian experience. Whether you're interested in western riding lessons or English riding lessons, our program complements your journey and nurtures your growth.


This opportunity is not limited by experience; our Horsemanship Program warmly welcomes students at every level. Led by our expert team, each lesson is engaging, enlightening, and tailored to heighten your connection with horses. If you've been searching for equestrian riding lessons near me, look no further than Pony Gang Equestrian Services. Join us in Columbia, SC, and take a significant stride in your journey from rider to true horseman.

What will we all teach during horsemanship lesson class?

Our classes will happen on the ground

Riders Fitness 

During our horse- manship lessons, we incorporate rider fitness exercises focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance, essential for effective riding and achieving a seamless bond with your horse.

Tack care

In our horsemanship lessons, tack care is a key component, teaching students how to maintain and care for their equipment to ensure safety, longevity, and the comfort of the horse.


Our horsemanship lessons emphasize groundwork, teaching essential skills for communicating with horses on the ground, building respect, and understanding horse behavior for a solid foundation in horse-rider relationships.

Horse Care

In our horsemanship lessons, horse nutrition is a key focus, teaching students about proper feeding, dietary requirements, and supplements to maintain optimal health and performance of their equine companions.

Horse Health

Our horsemanship lessons delve into horse health, covering topics like preventive care, recognizing signs of illness, and first aid, equipping students with the knowledge to ensure their horses' well-being and longevity.

Horses as Partners

During our horsemanship lessons, we emphasize viewing the horse as a partner, teaching respect, empathy, and understanding to build a trusting and mutually beneficial relationship between horse and rider.

Exercises on horseback

In our horsemanship lessons, understanding horse behavior is crucial. We teach students to read and interpret equine body language, fostering effective communication and a safer, more responsive interaction between horse and rider.

Classes will be held







6:00 pm - 7:00 pm