Field Trip Program

Are you looking for a special field trip?  Then you can stop looking!!


The Pony Gang Field Trip Program in Hopkins is an awesome experience not only for horse-crazy kids!


Our exceptional staff will provide your children with an educational and fun experience they'll talk about long past the end of this field trip. 


Proposed Event Dates and Time:  Weekdays between 9 am and 2 pm. 


Participation: We do allow all parents and children to participate. All participants must be six years and older. Younger children are welcome but need to be supervised by a parent and a release form must be signed.

This event is great for all children because they love to participate and be around our horses and ponies!

The program is build as an education session (all three[ stations are listed below) 

How to make the day of the event run smooth: It is best if the leaders can collect the funds and release forms before the day of the event and have them in a file folder for us.

Participation Requirements:

1)Every person attending the event (incl. parents) must have a signed “Release of Liability” form before coming to the farm. We like to have all forms filled out and ready before the event starts so we can use your event time to have fun with the horses!

2) Everyone attending must follow the rules of the farm or they will be asked to leave. This is for everyone’s safety. The rules are simple and will be gone over at the beginning of the session.

3) All participants need to wear long pants and a closed toe shoe (boots or tennis shoes).


The Event Stations:

This is where all the fun happens!

What we do is set up 3 stations and our Team will walk the children through each of the stations.  The stations include:


Station 1: Basic Information about horses and horse care:  We will give the children some basic information about horses and the safety precautions while near a horse.


Station 2: Horse Husbandry: All the kids will learn what it takes to care for a horse. They will all get to feed the horses hay and horse feed. Our team will also talk to them about the type of hay the horses eat and what feed. They will also talk about the importance of caring for the horse’s home. Children will get the opportunity to pet our ponies and donkeys. 


Station 3: Horseback Riding:  At this last station the children will get the opportunity to receive a pony ride in our arena. Children will take turns with each other. Children waiting for their turn have the opportunity to do some Mandala coloring at our picnic tables. 


Each child will on the end of the field trip our "Horse Talk Magazine: - Basic information of horses, to remember all we learned during this field trip. The Magazine has also some games and work sheets in there. 


Price   $ 10.00 per person*


*children under the age of 6 are free but can also not participate in the horseback riding. You want your child to participate in this part it will be charged with $3 for the riding time.  

Next Field trip: April 10, 2024  10 am - 12:30 pm