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Step into the world of equine elegance at our top-notch horseback riding school, where the journey into English riding lessons begins. At Pony Gang Equestrian Services, we cherish the classical discipline of dressage, considering it a vital foundation for extraordinary equestrian prowess across varied riding styles.


Our curriculum is carefully crafted, embedding basic dressage principles into our English riding lessons, which include Hunt Seat, Hunter Over Fences, and Jumper disciplines. This approach guarantees a holistic riding education, equipping our pupils with adaptable abilities that surpass conventional riding limits.


With each horseback riding class, our riders enhance their skills, developing an intimate understanding of the delicate dance between horse and rider. Such knowledge fosters a level of sophistication and mastery that distinguishes our students within the equestrian community.


Embark on an educational odyssey with Pony Gang Equestrian Services, where dressage is the gateway to equestrian distinction. Every lesson at our riding school for beginners and seasoned riders alike is a stride toward perfecting the art of horseback riding, preparing our students to shine in any setting. 



Experience the Joy of Horse Riding: Affordable Lessons Without the Need to Own Riding Horses

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Girl is enjoying her riding lesson
Girl on a trail ride by the ponds

Assessment Lesson


In your Assessment session with us, we'll explore your riding aspirations, introduce our equestrian program, and offer a tour of our facilities. A prepared lesson horse awaits for a brief instructional period.


For newcomers, we'll cover English riding fundamentals. Experienced riders will undergo an evaluation to determine their proficiency and placement within our program. Finally, we'll review your session insights and recommend the most suitable program for you at Pony Gang English Riding Columbia, tailored to your needs. 


Price:   $55

Western rider in the arena with a lessons horse
Girls enjoying a group riding lesson
Rider is working on posture and correct riding aids

Discover the Future of Equestrian Excellence: Our All-In-One Subscription Program

Our Subscription program will welcome you to a world where equestrian dreams take flight beyond the ordinary! At our Riding Lessons website, we proudly offer an exclusive subscription program that transcends the conventional riding lesson format found in other schools across our region. This program is your gateway to a comprehensive equestrian education designed to craft the renowned equestrians of tomorrow.


With a single, competitively priced subscription, you unlock a treasure trove of opportunities that include:


Horseback Riding Lessons: Master riding techniques with our expertly designed lessons that cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced riders.


Horsemanship Lessons: Delve deeper into the art of equestrianism with lessons focused on horse care, bonding, and communication, fostering a true understanding and respect between horse and rider.


Exclusive Study Material: Enhance your knowledge and skills with access to a curated selection of study materials, offering insights into the finer aspects of horsemanship and riding.


And Much More: Our program is continuously evolving, adding new dimensions to your learning experience that go well beyond the saddle.


This all-encompassing approach not only polishes your riding skills but also enriches your understanding and connection with these magnificent animals, setting a solid foundation for becoming a distinguished equestrian. And it's all available for one competitive price, offering unmatched value within our service area.


Our available Packages: 

Western riders have so much fun here at our Farm in Columbia SC

Bronze Package

✔️Access to 4 mounted lesson a month

✔️ Access to our Online Learning platform

✔️Copy of our Rider's Journal (Riders Diary)

✔️Quarterly social events (Daddy & Daughter day, movie night, barbeque and more)

✔️Quarterly Goal meetings 

✔️Quarterly Level testing



27 lessons horses and ponies have their home here at Pony Gang Farm

Silver Package

Everything in Bronze PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 8 lessons a month 

 🔑 Unlocks opportunity to become part of our Show team

🔑 Unlocks access to discounted camp tuition







Our riders learn how to balance and have an independant seat

Gold Package

 Everything in Silver PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 12 lessons a month

🔑 Unlocks 2 practice rides per month provided you are level 4 or higher