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Horseback Riding

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp a division of Pony Gang Equestrian Services, nestled in the serene landscape of Hopkins, South Carolina, is a beacon for horse enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled horseback camp experience. Our facility is renowned for offering a spectrum of horses riding camps that cater to all levels, from novice to advanced riders, ensuring that each camper finds a program that matches their skill and passion.


In our horseback camp, ranging from beginners to intermediate riders, are grouped by their riding ability. The riding sessions are designed to give riders with previous riding experience a fun time outside of the regular structures lesson at home and beginner riders the opportunity to get the best start into the equestrian world. Our approach ensures that each camper benefits from shared experiences, while also receiving individual attention to address their unique learning needs.


For those at the novice to intermediate, Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp offers riding sessions with our experienced instructors. This personalized setting allows for focused on fun, understand horse behavior better, and build a deeper connection with their equine partners. 


Beginners, including those with no previous or only minimal riding experience, are introduced to the fundamentals of horseback riding in a nurturing and safe environment. Starting  in a saddle without stirrups, campers learn the critical skills of balance and maintaining a correct seat. This foundational approach is essential for building confidence and competence, gradually leading to the ability to ride independently in a walk. This step-by-step progression is carefully crafted to ensure that each beginner gains the confidence and skills needed to enjoy horseback riding to its fullest.


At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp , our horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp programs are designed with a deep understanding of the equestrian discipline and a passion for teaching. Situated in the picturesque surroundings of Hopkins, South Carolina, our camp offers a unique blend of professional instruction, comprehensive riding programs, and a welcoming community atmosphere, making it the perfect place for riders of all levels to grow, learn, and share their love for horses.

Equestrian Vaulting

Three years ago, Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp enriched its horse camp offerings by integrating vaulting into our horses riding camps and horseback camp curriculum. This exhilarating horseback riding activity has become a cornerstone of our program, aiming to enhance our campers' balance, confidence, flexibility, and body control. By incorporating vaulting, Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp provides a unique and comprehensive equestrian experience, setting us apart as a premier destination for young riders eager to expand their skills in a supportive and dynamic environment. This addition underscores our dedication to fostering well-rounded equestrians through diverse and enriching experiences.

Trick Riding

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, renowned for its dynamic horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp offerings, proudly introduced Trick Riding alongside vaulting into our program. This engaging activity is designed to enhance body control, bolster confidence, and assist riders in overcoming fears. By incorporating Trick Riding, our camp delivers a unique and comprehensive equestrian experience that distinguishes Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp as a leading destination for young riders seeking to broaden their horizons. Our commitment to offering diverse riding disciplines ensures a well-rounded and enriching experience for all campers, fostering growth and mastery in the art of horseback riding.

Horsemanship is important for every Equestrian

Horse Care & Barn Management

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, a leading name in horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp experiences, proudly incorporates a Barn or Stable management component into our program. This crucial segment educates our campers about the realities of horse ownership and the comprehensive care involved. Participants engage in hands-on activities such as stall cleaning, feeding, watering, health care, and grooming, among other essential tasks. Through this immersive experience, campers quickly learn that while taking care of a horse requires hard work and dedication, it also brings immense joy and satisfaction. Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp is committed to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of equestrian care, making our program an enriching journey for all young riders.

so many fun games and activities are planned each year at Pony  Gang

Horsemanship Workshop

At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, our comprehensive horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp programs include specialized Horsemanship classes designed to deepen campers' understanding and skills in equine care. These sessions cover essential topics such as first aid, health checks, and include special weeks where professionals like veterinarians, dentists, and farriers visit to share their expertise. Additionally, campers engage in activities like show preparation and bathing horses, among other vital equestrian practices. This diverse curriculum ensures that participants at Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for all aspects of horse ownership and care in a fun and supportive environment.

Horsemanship is important for every Equestrian

Other Activities

Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, renowned for its diverse horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp programs, is thrilled to announce an exciting lineup of activities for the 2024 season. Each day, campers can look forward to a variety of changing activities, including water and ball games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and innovative horseless horseshows, ensuring an engaging and fun-filled experience. The upcoming season will see the introduction of new highlights, such as a thrilling small zip line and a gaga ball court, adding even more adventure to our campers' experiences. Additionally, our arts and crafts sessions will offer open access during free times, allowing campers the freedom to explore their creativity by choosing their preferred projects. At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, we're dedicated to creating an unforgettable summer filled with joy, learning, and adventure..

so many fun games and activities are planned each year at Pony  Gang

Night time Activities

At Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, our evening lineup is as dynamic as our horse camp, horses riding camps, and horseback camp activities, offering a variety of changing nightly events that ensure every moment is memorable. From ice breaker games on the first evening to foster camaraderie, to themed horse bingo and jeopardy, and culminating in movie nights, we keep the excitement alive under the stars. In 2024, we're elevating our movie night experience by introducing an outdoor movie theater, allowing our campers to enjoy their favorite films in the great outdoors. This new feature is set to enhance the unique and engaging atmosphere of Pony Gang Horse Crazy Camp, making every evening an adventure to look forward to.