Activities During our Horseback Riding Camp

Each of our Girls Horse Crazy Camp offer the following activities

Horseback Riding

Girl enjoying summer camp horse riding activity
Girl having fun with in summer camp activity by Pony Gang Equestrian Services

Our Western riding and Hunter/English riding Campers enjoy with existing riding experience (Novice - advanced) will have a group lessons.


At our Campers with minimal to some riding experience (Advanced to confident beginner) will receive a private lesson with one of our instructors. 


Beginners with no previous or only minimal riding experience will start on the lunge line in a saddle with no stirrups  to learn balance and correct seat and graduate from that to learning how to ride free in a walk independently. 

Pony Gang Equestrian Vaulting activity

Equestrian Vaulting

Vaulting is a great horseback riding activity that was introduced into our program 3 years ago to help our riders develop more balance, confidence, flexibility and body control. 

We give this lesson in the morning and in the afternoon. 


Pony Gang Trick Riding activity by a girl

Trick Riding

Trick Riding activity was introduced in our program at the same time as vaulting. It will help riders to develop body control, build confidence and work through any fears. 

We give trick riding lessons in the morning and another one in the afternoon. 


Horsemanship is important for every Equestrian

Horse Care and Barn Management

The Barn or Stablemanagement part of our Camp invites our campers to learn what it would mean to own a horse and take care of them. This includes

- Stall cleaning

- Feeding and watering 

- Health care

- Grooming 

and more 

By the end of the session, they will know that taking care of a horse isn’t simple, it is hard work, but so much fun!

so many fun games and activities are planned each year at Pony  Gang

Other Activities

We have united camp activties during the afternoon and expect all campers to participate in them.

Our Counselors plan this activities for the week