Riders Seat Check

Where does your student stands as a rider. With this test they can selftest and see what they need to work on to become better riders.

(Pictures show some samples of the guide)


Parents Guide

An information Guide for parents from horse crazy children that are new to the Equestrian world and are looking for answers to their questions.

The Guide can be personalized to your barn with your logo. 

(Pictures show some samples of the guide)


Helmet Guide

This Guide gives parents all the information needed of the importance of correct fitting riding helmets, how to fit a helmet correctly, why their are standards and so much more. 

No question is unanswered in this guide. 

The guide can be personalized to your barn with your logo.  

(Pictures show some samples of the guide)


Riding Level Guides

Learn riding in small steps

Learning in small steps - that is our idea behind the Pony Talk Level program for horseback riding schools.  Riders of all ages can earn 10 different level badges. In addition to the general learning success control of the riders training progress, the program can also serve as entry into the show ring. 

The program is based on the level program from the German FN for english riders and the German EWU for western rider. 

All program guides come with printable Level badges and certificates

Riding Levels English & Western

Riding Levels English

Riding Levels Western