Release Date : November 20, 2022 

Pony Gang Educational Store - Horse Riding Lessons & More

We offer riding instructors and parents in this store access to a large selection of educational study material, power point presentations, Lapbooks and more for their theory lessons with children and teenagers. 


What do we offer you in our Educational Store?

Level Program

We are creating  a level program for English and Western Riders a like. Riding instructors get access to the level guide and the certificate's for it. 
All can be personalized with your logo before we deliver the pdf files to you

Coming January 2023


Lesson Plans

We are putting a large selection of lessons plans together on different subjects that should be covered during a theory lesson. 
We will have over 100 pre-written lessons plans for Riding Intrustors.

Coming January 2023. 


Horse Talk Magazins

Horse Talk Magazines are our study guides for students and horse lovers. You can print them for them and hand them out or you can send them per email to have them print on their own.

Each Magazin is covering a separate topic - grooming, handling, tacking, riding, horse care and many others.   

All magazines can be edited with your logo for an extra fee.

Coming December 2022

Lab Books

We are working on a large selection of Lab books for your students to use during your theory lesson or to have your students work on on their own. 

This Lab books are also great for parents that want to teach their children more about horses and horseback riding. 

Coming December 2022

Power Point Presentations

Large selection of Power Point Presentations matching to our Horse Talk Magazins that you can use for your theory lesson.

Coming December 2022


Famous games reworked so that you can use them in your theory lesson and other super fun ideas to have some educational fun with your students. 

Coming December 2022

Question & Answer Cards

Printable cards with Questions and Answers you can use for games, testing and more.  Over 200 cards available and more are coming. 

Coming December 2022


Works sheets available for every topic.  You can use them for your lessons or for level testing. 

Coming December 2022