Equi Lease

What is Equi-Lease?

Equi lease is almost like owning a horse

Are you dreaming of horse ownership, yet feel hesitant to take the plunge?


If you answered "YES," then our Equi-lease program is tailor-made for you! Pony Gang Equestrian Services' Equi-Lease Program presents an ideal opportunity for individuals aged 10 and above who crave more time immersed in the world of horseback riding—whether it's for riding, mingling with fellow enthusiasts, or even showcasing your skills! Members can opt to ride their lease-horse two, three, or even five times weekly.

equi lease gives you the opportunity to learn what it means to own a horse

Equi-Lease also organizes a variety of social events for its members, with all weekly lesson fees included for active participants. Functioning akin to a timeshare, members pay a monthly fee to share horses and lesson programs with others, providing a cost-effective alternative to horse ownership while ensuring ample riding, socializing, and enjoyment.


Designed to empower students to ride at their leisure without constant instructor guidance, Equi-Lease allows members to practice their skills, embark on guided trail rides, or simply relish the experience of being atop a horse. This program caters to riders seeking more than just a weekly lesson—it's a comprehensive offering for those who truly love the equestrian lifestyle.


Membership contracts span a minimum of three months, automatically renewing for another month unless canceled with a 30-day notice prior to the desired termination date.

Students have different options to Equi lease one of our lessons horses

Lease cost:


3 rides a week  - $ 850* a month

(2 lesson a week* and 1 free ride a week) 


• 3 rides a week - $ 900* a month

(1 lesson a week* and 2 free rides a week)


No leases during June and July available!!


No rides on Saturdays - Mondays



• To qualify for membership, riders must enroll in lessons at Pony Gang.

• Riders must be at least 10 years old.

• Members are expected to independently groom and tack their horses.

• Riders seeking to lease our horses must demonstrate proficiency in walking and trotting with a fully balanced and independent seat, along with the correct use of aids.


Lesson fees are not covered within the Equi Lease expenses.