Horseback Riding Lessons Columbia SC

We offer Western riding lessons & Hunter/Jumper riding lessons

With us you can ride horses without having to own your own riding horses. Our affordable cost of riding lessons give every beginner and experienced the chance to take riding lessons.

Miss Ashley is training with her personal horse

Horseback riding instruction at the Pony Gang Equestrian Services Columbia  emphasizes balanced and independent seat, and to communicate with the horse without kicking the horse or yanking on the reins. 

We train: 

  • Riders legs to stay in proper position
  • Maintaining a proper body position
  • Correctly using leg and weight aids 
  • To not rely on stirrups for balance

Equitation and Balance is key to riding horses no matter if you ride Western or English – and it is always the main foundation on which our Horseback riding program is based on.

What are the Health benefits of riding horses?

  • Develops core strength
  • Improves coordination
  • Encourages trust
  • Exercises the mind
  • Develops problem solving skills 
  • Increases socialization 
  • Creates times to relax
  • Provides opportunities to compete 
  • Increases muscle tone and strength 
  • Improves mental state

Girl is riding Western during a lesson
Girl is enjoying her riding lesson
Girl on a trail ride by the ponds

Horseback Riding is like any other sport the more that you do it the faster you learn. So it is recommended to take at least 2 weekly lessons. 


Our weekly lessons for beginners are one-on-one lessons with a length of 60 Minutes and contains grooming, tacking and riding instruction.


Our weekly group lessons for advanced riders and up are 75 Minutes in length and contain grooming, tacking and riding instruction. 


Western rider in the arena with a lessons horse
Girls enjoying a group riding lesson
Rider is working on posture and correct riding aids

Assessment Lesson

During your personal; assessment lesson with us, we will go over your riding goals, tell you about our program and our facility - if you like we can tour the Equestrian area of the farm. We will then have one of our lessons horses prepared for you for a short lesson.


If you have no experience we will start teaching you the basics of English riding. If you have riding experience and like to join our program we will use this time to evaluate your skill level and where you stand as a rider. On the end we will go over what we have learned about you and offer you what program would work best for you here at Pony Gang English riding Columbia.



Price:   $30


What does our subscription programs offer you?

Western riders have so much fun here at our Farm in Columbia SC

Bronze Package

✔️Access to 4 mounted lesson a month

✔️ Access to our Online Learning platform

✔️Copy of our Rider's Journal (Riders Diary)




27 lessons horses and ponies have their home here at Pony Gang Farm

Silver Package

Everything in Bronze PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 8 lessons a month 

 🔑 Unlocks opportunity to become part of our Show team

🔑 Unlocks access to discounted camp tuition



Our riders learn how to balance and have an independant seat

Gold Package

 Everything in Silver PLUS

✔️Access to 4 additional lesson for a total of 12 lessons a month

🔑 Unlocks 2 practice rides per month provided you level 4 or higher